Teasing my step mom.

I caught my step mom masturbating last night and told her that I did this morning.
I was laying in bed and could hear her from her room, She was being quiet but the house was dead quiet and the slightest bit of noise travels, I got up and basically crawled up to the door, My dad was out of town working and I could hear the shower running and just little sounds but could hear some soft slapping sounds, I tried the door handle but it was locked and had to get a toothpick to unlock it, I opened the door and she wasn't in bed but the light was on in the bathroom so I quietly walked up to the door and slid it open, I looked in the mirror, They have a big tile shower with like 5 shower heads and a big bench and lights and s*** but no doors with just some glass on either side.
She has been my step since I was 9 and we never really got along, She is actually not bad looking but chubby, She has big jugs and is apparently a dirty b****, She was sitting slouched down leaning back against the wall and had the removable shower head in her hand with her other hand reaching around her thigh and holding a tiny little d**** in her bum, She had the shower head working her big bald p**** which is not real nice, Big flappy lips but at least they are pink, Her t*** are big and hang down with great big dark brown nipples and her whole body jiggled as she started to get off, She would shake and then stop, shake again and stop then she left her leg against the wall stretched out, Pulled her other foot up leaving her legs flopped wide open, Grabbed her ankle, Used her heel to hold her d**** in her bum and grabbed her big floppy t**, Sucked her own big nipple and squeezed her t** as she just started shaking, She let her big nipple slip out of her mouth and slowly laid the shower head on the floor of the shower, She grabbed her d**** and pulled it out of her bum, Lathered her hands up with soap, scrubbed it up and set it on the shelf then lathered up her body washing her p**** and bum hole then rinsed them off and I bolted back to my room.
This morning I got up and she made me breakfast, I was sitting there looking at her and she was obviously wearing just her housecoat, I let her catch me looking at her a few times and she was getting uncomfortable so when she said she was going to go get dressed I told her I wanted to tell her something. She sat back down and looked at me, I told her I was sorry for doing it but I spied on her in the shower, She got sad looking and asked how long I watched her and I pretended to be shy about it but told her I watched right to the end, She asked how because her door was locked and I told her I unlocked it.
She was mad and embarrassed and sad all at the same time, She scolded me and told me how wrong it was to watch her, I told her I had never seen a girl naked before which is a lie but whatever, She told me that didn't matter and it was wrong for me to watch her, I made sure to tell her I whacked off thinking about her three times and she just put her head down but the whole time I just kept telling her how sorry I was. By the end she made the mistake of asking if I had any questions and I told her I did, I asked if it was normal and asked which part, I asked all of it and she explained how some girls like different stuff than other girls (Duh!!) so I asked if it was normal to like sticking things in your bum and she just looked at me and then said you saw everything hey, She explained that some girls do and some don't, i asked if it was something is should be trying for when I have a GF and she explained that it is not something her and my dad do and she only does it when she is alone. By the time we stopped talking I had made her talk to me about nipple sensitivity and her c*** and how not every girl has big p**** lips and sticking stuff in her bum.
I told her all about whacking off to her and she told me I needed to stop doing that but I have been walking around all day with a b**** in my sweats so she can see it.


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  • I had a similar experience with a friend of my daughter. She saw me naked after a shower and I heard her pleasuring herself. One day she was over swimming in our pool and she came inside to use the bathroom. She left the door open not realizing I was home. I had a wonderful view of her as she got up from the toilet. She didn't say a thing. Then one evening while my daughter was sleeping her friend and I sat and talked and we had a few drinks. She kissed me and we fooled around a bit. Touching and rubbing each other. I wanted her so badly. She was off age so I wouldn't have been in trouble from a legal stand point but I knew this would get very complicated and end on a bad note. But oh how I wanted to make love to her. I know she wanted to be with me. Some years later I saw her when I was in town around Christmas. She was with her young husband and a new baby. I know in the end I did the right thing. I think we just didn't have much in common plus the age difference would matter in another 10 to 15 years.

  • Ask her if you can see her in nude and explore her body more closely. It might be worthwhile that she will get aroused and help you with your erect throbbing c*** in her mouth or a*** or p****. Who knows?

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