Looks like a fun night

I went out with friends the other night and my wife had a hot tub party with some girlfriends to celebrate a certain something, Anyway I get home at 2:00am and there is s*** everywhere, Clothes and girls and food and booze, Her older sister is passed out sitting up on the couch, Wrapped in a towel holding her bikini in her lap, Her best friend is sleeping in a lounger on the deck in a bikini, My wife is passed out in bed still in a wet bikini and the house is a disaster.
I surveyed the scene and decided there was no way I was cleaning any of it so I got ready for bed, As I did I decided maybe I should cover up my wife's sister and friend so I grabbed a couple spare blankets and went to the living room, I laid her sister over on her side and as I did her towel fell off, Her b**** flopped out and she just laid there, As I looked at her I thought maybe it would be funny to let them wake up naked, My wife's sister has had two kids and although she still looks good with clothes on I was able to see that there are a few stretch marks and her body is maybe not as great as what I thought, She is larger chested, Probably a d cup or so and her b**** are quite saggy with big dark pink nipples that have an odd droop to them, The skin stretches as her nipples drooped to the side and she has a few stretch marks on her hips and her downstairs looked pretty normal, A little inner lips sticking out but not bad and looked like she shaves most of it but hadn't in a few days.
I picked up her bikini off the floor and tossed it in the laundry room sink, I went outside and looked at her friend, She had on a smaller, Blue bikini and and one nipple was peeking out, I pulled the string on her neck and her top fell down, She is super hot and I always figured she too had a nice body but as I looked at her sitting there it was apparent that she definitely dresses to hide some things, Her b**** are not real big but they are saggy and are two different sizes, No denying that, she has one inverted nipple and the other is more normal, I slid my hand under her back and untied the other string then slid her top off then hooked my fingers in her bottoms and pulled them off, She obviously shaves it all and aside from just a hint of stubble was completely bald, She has a bit more inner lips showing but still not terrible.
I covered both of them up and went to bed and when I woke up in the morning I rolled over and my wife rolled to face me, She looked awful and said "Is there coffee?", I said "Uh, I haven't been out of bed", She said "Can you make some", I said "Uh, You should go out there first", She asked why and I told her that when I got home both her sister and best friend were naked and explained the whole scene, She lifted up the blankets realizing she was also naked and asked why the bed was wet, I told her she was in her bikini and I had undressed her when I got home, She got dressed and I followed her to the living room, Her sister was still passed out and had put one foot on the floor with the blanket I had covered her with bunched up in her hands with everything below the waist exposed.
My wife turned and looked at me as I nodded in approval, She walked over and pulled the blanket down as her sister just grunted and rolled over, We went to the deck and her friend had kicked the blanket off completely as she laid the in the morning sun with her weird, saggy b**** hanging out and her bald downstairs on display facing the neighbors house, My wife covered her up and we both looked over at the neighbors place, Him and his wife were both on the deck and it is not a far distance, We talk back and forth all the time and when she is out in the morning having coffee you can tell if she is wearing a bra or not from her pokies, That's how close it is.
We went inside and made coffee then went outside, We sat at the table and eventually we seen her sister sit up, Look around and wrap herself in the blanket then walk to the bedroom, She came out dressed and looking like she had been hit by a truck, Her friend laid there sleeping as we all drank coffee not even remotely trying to be quiet and my wife had to cover her b**** twice as she moved around obviously getting too hot and eventually woke up, Looked at the three of us then looked under her blanket and said "What the f*** happened", She got up and went inside as we all watched and laughed, She tripped on her blanket and stumbled then said f*** it and left the blanket on the floor bolting for the bedroom, She has a jiggly bum which is probably her best feature.
We all sat having coffee when she came back and both her sister and her friend were super embarrassed that I had seen them totally nude when I got home and I told her sister that the position she was in when my wife seen her was the position she was in when I got home so she thinks I seen her close up and personal with her legs spread, Her friend was super embarrassed that not only had I seen her b**** and s***** but that the neighbors did as well.

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  • Looks like a good night?
    Looks like bullshit more like!

  • Missed a huge effing chance there to have a lick!! Even if they're not the best lookers,I would of spread their lips and had a good lick and suck.
    What a f**

  • Stop watching p***. Not every situation ends with the guy f****** all three women at once.

  • I didn't say they had to be awake for it did I ?????!!!!
    I said spread their lips and have a lick and suck.
    Who cares if they're out cold👍

  • Xactly my man!!!

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