It's terrible

I was infatuated with my cousin, She was so amazingly hot when we were younger and I couldn't stop thinking about her. She blonde, Green eyes and had a perfect body, She was a D cup and her b**** were so perfect that I couldn't even believe they were real, She is 5 years older than me and used to baby sit me when I was younger and when I was14 I started taking sneaky pictures of her and she was at my house lots never wearing a bra and wearing super hot pants that show how perfect her bum was, Even in loose fitting pants they clung perfectly and showed how her bum wiggled when she walked.
one day when I was 16 she was at my house and said she was leaving to go do whatever, That morning I had taken a recent short video of her walking across the kitchen with my crappy camera and a week or so before had caught a perfect picture down her shirt which was the first time I ever seen her nipple, So perfect, and I couldn't wait to get it up on the tv and watch it in large screen. I waited until she pulled out of the driveway and knew I was alone so I connected my camera (Yes this was before every phone had 3 cameras) and sat back with a hand towel and a smile. I was doing my thing and scrolling through my pictures and videos from the last couple years and from behind me I heard "Ahem!!!".
I nearly jumped out of my skin and screamed like a girl, I jumped up and turned around and my cousin was standing there. I almost started crying but held it together and she stood there staring me in the eyes, She looked at the tv then at me and back at the tv and bit her lip then said "Scott...This is not ok...I am not ok with this". I just stood there shaking and staring at her, My d*** was standing straight up and my heart was racing, She walked up to me and leaned over grabbing the hand towel and drooped it over my d*** and stood there tapping her fingers on her crossed arms.
I remeber thinking she was probably going to destroy my life and tell everyone what had happened but instead she said "Sit" I would have followed any command she gave so I did as she said, She looked at the camera and then at me and said "What else am I going to find on here?", I said "Nothing...I'll delete it all". She grabbed the camera and looked at the tv and the picture of her beautiful nipple then looked at the buttons on the camera and pressed one.
Well s***...Up pops a picture of her facing away from me in a pair of denim shorts leaning over the counter and she looked at me, When she looked back at the tv I pulled my hand towel off and she totally knew, She looked at me out of the corner of her eyes and then back at the tv, She scrolled through a dozen or more pictures of her in short shirts with very visible nips or pokies and two of her bending over and me taking a picture up her shirt from behind. When she brought up the next one she took a deep breath, I had done a "tribute" video, Me standing at the bathroom counter with a couple pictures I had gotten developed showing her in a bikini on our deck taken from inside and one of her sitting on our couch in a see through shirt.
She looked at me and said "Do I even want to know?" and looked at my b****, She grabbed the hand towel and put it back over my erection and clicked play, My whole body was burning in embarrassment as she clicked play and sat there watching like a 3 minute video of me jerking and talking dirty to her and then blew my load in the sink, She sat there shaking her head and continued on, When she got to the video of her walking across the kitchen she said "Hmmm, I do have a great butt don't I?" I had removed my towel again and she grabbed it saying "Scotty...I just seen how far you shoot your load and you need to keep that covered when you come".
At that moment I was like "Uh...WTF is she talking about", She stared at me and I stared at her, She had been going somewhere that day and had a bra on but reached behind her back and unclipped it, She fished it out her sleeves and sat back, She looked down at her chest and said "You're gonna whack it and then we are gonna delete these and then I am going dress more carefully around you". If I wasnt already close to blowing my load she damned near tipped me over the edge with that statement and I had a weird involuntary full body shudder, She looked at me and raised one of her beautiful eyebrows and then said "Did you?" and reached over lifting the hand towel.
I shook my head no and she said "So...Go" and waved her hand at my b****, It was the weirdest thing that has ever happened in my life as I reached under the towel and grbbed my c***, I looked at the tv and she said "What do you want to watch?", I croaked "I don't know", She flipped through the pictures and talked to me, She was like "geez, My b**** look goood from this angle, No wonder my boyfriend always comes doggy style". I gulped down a huge lump in my throat and had a huge drop of pre come on my k***, She giggled and said "You like that?, You want to hear more?" I nodded and she said "Use that?" pointing to my pre come, She had on this short little shirt with elastic around the bottom which was pretty much just under her b****, She put her hands behind her head and ran her fingers through her hair and I could see her under b*** as her shirt strained to stay down and she said "Oh lets see, What else can I tell you about" as i stared at her b****, She looked down and reached up a bit more and her b**** exploded out and she said "oopsie" and put her arms down crossing them and cupping her b**** in them.
I was starting to shake and breath irratically and she said "Don't forget the towel", She went to pull her shirt down and I quickly said "Leave them...Please", She tilted her head to the side and everything she did just made her more sexy and she said "Oh I don't know...Maybe I should..." and started pulling her top down then slid it back up and said "Or maybe I should..." and pinched and flicked her nips. She looked around and said "Come on Scotty, I don't know when your parents are gonna be home but I would hate for them to walk in on me yelling at you for having these pictures and videos because if we get caught I am totally gonna flip it on you".
She said "Oh ok, What else can I tell you, Hmmm, My last boyfriend always rubbed my butt hole when he was f****** me", I started panting and she said "ooohhh, you like butt holes", "She leaned forward and her b**** jiggled a little, She said "I'll tell you something naughty...I let him lick it in the shower one time...I put my hands on the wall and stuck out my bum, I spread my legs and put one foot up on the edge of the tub...He got on his knees and started licking my butt hole", I was stroking furiously and she was watching me, Licking her lips and shaking her b**** around. I begged her "Can I see it", She shook her head no and said "He licked it slowly at first and slid his thumb in my pretty...Little...Bald...P****, Mmmm, He was fingering me and licking my little pink bum hole and then started rubbing my c*** too, mmmm can you picture it?".
I was staring at her crotch and she was facing me with one leg on the couch and her foot tucked under the other leg, She looked down and I could see her camel toe through her shorts, She squinted and said "Scotty...Are you thinking about my tight...Wet...Bald...P****?", I nodded and she slid her fingers inside her shorts and said "Come for me while I touch my p****...Come on scotty...Come for me" and I dont think she realized but with her hand inside the leg of her shorts I could see right in and see her p****. Well that was more than I could handle, I groaned "Your p**** is beautiful" and she looked down, and said "oops" and pulled her hand out, I forgot the towel and sho a guyser up in the air and she watched as it landed on my stomach and then a second not as high and then just started pouring come out as I kept stroking.
She covered her mouth and said "Oh my god", I kept stroking and she said "holy f***...That's a lot of come", I kept stroking as i went soft and she giggled and tossed the towel on my stomach, She peeled her shirt over her head and started putting on her bra then put her shirt back on, I wiped off and grabbed my shorts, She grabbed them and said "Oh we're not done, We still have to delete all these". She made sure there was no come on the couch and sat beside me with our shoulders touching. She clicked on the pictures one by one and made me say good bye before she clicked delete, by the time we were done with the pictures I was hard again and she looked down saying "Good lord, Didn't you come enough?".
I said "One more?" and she said "Stop it", I said "Please" and she said "No, That took too long already" and then she said "I'll tell you what, You can keep this one" and skipped the video of me jerking, "And this one" to the one of her walking through the kitchen and then she said "Mmmm, Yeah ok" and let me keep the last picture which was the nipple one. She unplugged the camera and walked away with it and when she came back she tossed it in my lap and said "You're welcome" and left. I checked the camera and she had gone into the bathroom and taken three pictures, One of her b****, One of her full frontal with her shirt up and shorts at her knees and one from behind bent way over in the mirror with the tip of her pinky finger stuck IN her bum hole and I could see her perfect little p**** from behind, Perfect pink pouty lips, Just a hint of her c*** sticking out and the rest was all tight and perfect looking.
I didn't see her for months after but the next time I did she walked past me and toussled my hair saying "Hey brat" and nothing more was ever said over the past 10 years...Still to this day if I had the chance I would pound her so hard. She has two kids now and her b**** are big and saggy and veiny and her bum is a little bigger but I seen her in a bikini last week and she still drives me crazy. P.S. I have a couple new bikini pics to j*** to.


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  • I was close to my pretty blond cousin who teased me non stop for 2 years and had zero problem swimming nude in front of me or calling me and tell me what she was doing to herself with her toys. We both had to much to drink and I finally took it out on her for all the teasing with a overly rough f*cking. I felt ashamed about that and we haven't talked much sense.

  • Fantasy land..

  • Fake leave the incest out and tell us it was the babysitter next time. It's more believable that way old man sick incest lover

  • Perfect

  • Bahaha, This is funny because my cousin 3 years older used to let me feel her b**** when I jerked, 3 summers in a row when we would be at the family cabin we would sneak off and find a quiet place, She ouwls pop her top off and let me play with them until I left a load in the bushes.
    Only one time I was able to get her to touch me and she stroked it a bit then sucked it for like 5 seconds before pulling away saying it was too weird.

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