F you b**** - you're a home wrecker, terrible wife, co-worker, and you're nobody's friend

Jun 14, 2017

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  • I'm a home wrecker. Big deal. I'm not ashamed. I'm proud. But I'm a terrific wife (now that I got the husband I wanted). And I'm a great co-worker. And I've got plenty friends. You are the one who is the loser. I loved blowing up that marriage and that family. It was the most fun ever.

  • Til someone does that too you, and it will happen

  • Never. My husband knows he can't trade up, because from where he is, there is no "up". :) This man isn't going anywhere, and we both know that.

  • Keep telling yourself that, honey. If he could be stolen, he will be stolen again. He will get tired of your familiar trout-smelling gash and go hunting for the next novelty, just like he did at least once before.

    You bimbos never, ever get it, do you.

  • When I was in college I was the mistress of an older gentlemen who was the president of a local company. He spent at least one night a week at my place (which he'd paid for) and when he traveled out of town I always went along, pretending to be his wife. Once I graduated, the only decent job I could find in my field was in another state, so I had to leave the relationship, much to my disappointment.....and his. He still had children in school and couldn't leave his family until they were all in college. We were in love, but our circumstances didn't permit us to be together permanently. I would have been a homewrecker, and I could have been a homewrecker, if I'd been able to find a job at home. I would not have given those children a second thought: I would have utterly destroyed his marriage and taken him for my own.

  • You are a side f*** nothing more you arent special in any way

  • ^^^^^ and he would have resented you for it later. Keep lying to yourself, you were just a c@mbucket

  • LOL.....He would have LOVED to have me full-time and to rid himself of that shrew he was married to. And still married to. Was I a cumbucket?? Yeah, because he was unloading into me (all three holes) CONSTANTLY. He gave me much more c** than he ever gave his wife. I could make him c** over and over and over, until he was so weak he couldn't walk. Or think. Or care about his family. He would have dumped them all -- including the kids -- for me. Believe it.

  • A lot of you side f**** will never understand that you mean nothing to us men. You're just a hole to f***.

  • And so are the poor saps, that end up in a relationship, with you so-called charming and respectful men lol

  • I think you're right in a lot of situations. But I have to tell you that I can MAKE a man fall in love with me. And so can a lot of other women. It's not fake news: it's real news. They are really in love, not just using us. I've been around and I know the difference. If you ever f***** me, you might think that you were going to make me a side piece, but after you'd hit it once -- just once -- you'd be in love. And your marriage would be O-V-E-R.

  • Dear O-V-E-R,
    That's nothing to brag about. Deep down inside you know it's not real love.
    A Narcissistic woman like yourself knows she cannot hang on to a quality man after she gives it up.
    Maybe someday you can brag about how a man likes you for your intelligence and inner beauty

  • You keep telling yourself that. Not every guy falls in love with some piece of ass.

  • ^^^^^ so did you get the white picket fence, and now his kids live in an apt or shelter without their dad, which will affect them for life, and others, as it has a butterfly effect! You do the work of satan

  • Speaking only for myself, a late-40s male, I love women who wear lip gloss. I think it's sexy as all h***.

  • Same here. There's a young intern at my office who wears gloss and she turns me on more than anybody ever has. She's so super sexy. Wow!

  • Can you tell us a little about the circumstances by which you came to have such a low opinion of this woman?

  • She doesn't care that she is hurting all the children involved

  • I've been the cause of two marriages ending, because the guy wanted to be with me. What was I supposed to do? Pretend like some brat-rats that I didn't give a s*** about and who hated me were more important than I was? I figured it served them right for being so s***** to me. I wasn't trying to be their new mommie or their new best friend: they had mothers and they had friends. I just wanted their fathers, and by God......I got them. Serves the little shitholes right. And I'd do it all over again, and I might even actually TRY to make their f****** lives miserable.

  • I'm a woman who has been called a lot of ugly names in my life, and "homewrecker" is certainly one (virtually all of the other names are much worse). But I don't care. I love -- really LOVE -- married men, and I love ruining their marriages. I love destruction. I get off on it. I can't help it. The feeling of taking another woman's man is irresistible to me. Takin him from her and from his children. I've been doing that since I was in high school, and I see no end in sight. I'm not married, so I'm not a bad wife, but I am a really good co-worker, and I'm a great friend........unless I develop an appetite for your husband. Then, of course, you won't like me very much, because if I want him, I will have him. I'm not beautiful, but I'm appealing in many other ways. most of them lascivious or evil or both. Blue lip gloss? I've worn it. But not always. However, I do always wear lots of makeup, usually dark, but always sensuous and inviting. Inviting men to come to me. And to c** for me. Homewrecker? Yes, definitely.

  • You probably have HepC or aids too s***

  • I f*** married men too, but I don't like or want destruction. I get off on it being naughty/taboo. I get off on giving them things their wife isn't. But once they're satiated I want them to return to their wife and kids and treat them well. I want them to stay together. He just has me as a side piece to get off - and I get off too. Why destroy families over s**? That's all they need you for so why not just let it discreetly be that?

  • I agree. He treats me so nice. So much respect. And none of the tension that existed when I was married. I have y own apartment and yes it's lonely at times but also when I go out with him he is so attentive and we come back and have hot hot hot s** and then he goes home to his mundane existence. I think actually I might loose hime because as he's grown happer his wife seems to have become more responsive. Anyway I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

  • I'm in the pro-destruction camp. I love seeing a family crumble because I made it happen with p****.

  • Back in the 90s and early 00s, I was a performer at an exotic dance club, and I was extremely good at it, and extremely popular. I can't tell you how many marriages I ended, but it was a minimum of a dozen or so every year, sometimes many more. Another dancer and myself had a contest one year to see who could break up the most marriages, with the loser paying the winner $5000 (she won....she had implants). I loved blowing up marriages, really just loved it. I loved the feeling of pulling a man away from his wife, even temporarily (even for just a night or a weekend of naughty fun), but I found it thrilling to actually get him to leave his wife and children forever. I couldn't get enough of that feeling. It was a delicious and delightful victory for me, every single time it happened, to know that I was a better alternative than his wife, in every single way, so much so that he would abandon her and his kids for me. I can still feel that tingle and that joy when I think of it. So yes, I was a totally enthusiastic homewrecker, but I am (now) a great wife because of that, and I am a great co-worker, and have all the friends I want. And yes....I wore lots and LOTS of lip gloss. And still do. :)

  • I wouldn't call you pathetic. I would just point out something you already know. You have no redeeming qualities that the 'man of your dreams' would stick around for.
    I already know your reply, that you're in a great relationship with a wonderful man that loves You. But I'll bet you $5000 it's not true love or real love.

  • You weren't better then their wives. Some men just can't think straight when they have a cu*m rag in their lap. I am sure many, if not all of them, had major regrets after every time they emptied their b**** in or on you. You're actually pretty pathetic. Fine, take pleasure it stealing a man from another woman if you want, but you honestly thought it was hot to take him from his own children? You're human waste, and it's sad that we have to share oxygen with you.

  • The men are also human waste for the record.

  • "Share oxygen"? Look, it's fine with me if you don't want to share anymore. Stop anytime, and it'll be fine with me. LOL. And yes, whether you know it or not, and whether you accept it or not, it's totally true: it's an incredibly powerful sexual feeling to have a family man drop his obligations to all of them -- yes, even to his children -- to come and be with me. That says everything about my sexuality and my appeal, and I never cared for a second about his wife or the effects on his kids. Just luring him away from them was a wonderful thing. Wonderful. Parents divorce every day, and the children survive. So the positive effects on my psyche more than made up for the negative effects on those children and the wives. Now, you're going to say it's all about me, right? And the answer is "yes", it really IS all about me, and that is how it should be. Just ask any man I've ever been with. They'll tell you that it was more than worth it.

  • Jesus is watching

  • Deep down Jezebels like this are broken and have attachment issues

  • The only attachment issues that any of us have is that so many men latch onto us and won't let go. :)

  • I hope you get herpes

  • ^^^^ gotta keep em lubed for all those bjs' lol

  • You sound like a man who knows his way around a strip club! :) Yes, I gave a LOT of BJs in a lot of clubs, mostly at my home club in Atlanta, but if you were frequenting the topless/nude places in Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson (MS), Memphis or Dallas between 1991 and 2003 or so, it's entirely possible you stuck your d*** in MY mouth! SO check to see if you can still see the smears of blue all the way down on the base of your c***! If so, that was my trademark! That's one of the ways I let the wives know that their husbands were dipping!

  • Your soul is ugly

  • Hey do you have uncle Leo eyebrows too, and those spiderweb eyelashes

  • Yeah we all know the type, obnoxiously fake as s***, whiney voices, narcissistic personality disorder, act super sweet but really vicious

  • Women such as the one being described here always think that everybody loves them. They never realize that the people who they think are friends are really just making fun of them because they are so shallow and so clueless. The OP is just right: this woman really IS all these things she/he says.

  • She sounds like she's a super hot piece.

  • A hot piece of Climidia

  • The b**** sounds like she's selfish, and trust me: selfishness would explain all the other flaws the b**** has. Selfish, selfish, selfish b******. They all the same. They need a beating. B******. Damn. B******. Hate them.

  • What's wrong with lipgloss?

  • When it's blue colored it's tacky

  • She looks and acts like motherf#cking smurfette - the blue hair hoe of the village lol - yeah girl everybody loved you blue lips l****

  • I can tell you that when I walk up in the club wearing my blue gloss I can get any man I want up in there. Married, engaged, single, divorced, doesn't matter. That electric blue gloss makes your mouth look like an electric socket that every man wants to stick his d*** in. I've had married men walk away from their wives in the club and walk over to me to try to pick me up while I was wearing that gloss. It's like s** magic. Gloss will make a man do what he's told. And the wife? He'll forget her damn name.

  • I hope you get herpes lmao

  • If you saw me wearing that gloss, baby you'd BEG to get on me!!!

  • No thanks, you washed up, canyon sized v****

  • I've been a homewrecker more than once in my life, and I will stand up for whoever you're angry with: sometimes, if not most times, a home that gets wrecked DESERVED to get wrecked.

  • Yeah tell the kids that you selfish b****

  • That doesn't bother me. I've done that before, too. I love telling the kids that mommy is garbage and daddy has traded up! Some of the best s** I ever had in my life was with daddy after I told the kids "Mommy's OUT!!!!!!" Men don't want to face that with their own kids, but I totally love that s***!

  • That's because you need constant validation you jezebel

  • Nah . . . I just need constant hard d***. :)

  • You need a slap in the face by his Wife

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