WTH is all these pantie post?!!

Ever get sick to death of the pantie post? I swear its a few guys that are hung up on it and make up panty BS stories.

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  • Many me have pantiy fetisishes. They are mostly harmless. As a younger man, I collected panties from the girls I slept with, especially if they were very young. I outgrew it, and disposed of them. I have only a few now, from "special" ladies.

  • I come across many posts i hate too, i never complain, i just ignore them.

  • They are even more lonely than the rest of us

  • Another one that's almost as irritating is the "belly" posts. Christ! Enough already!

  • I feel exactly the same. I can't scroll past them fast enough.....

  • They all need a beatdown.

  • I actually think it's just one guy. One very, very, very, very, very, VERY sick f***.

  • Bingo

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