I use my wife

My wife is just a naturally attractive woman that has always drawn a lot of attention from both men and women. I found that it pumps up my ego quite a lot.
When we go somewhere we draw the attention of a room and I know it's not me. It's her naturally se xy pretty self and model body type.

I strut around proud knowing both guys and girls want to fu ck her but it's me that gets to. I watch people steal looks at her a$$ and I get a hit of big ego that her a$$ belongs to me.

We own a place at a nudist resort and are the popular couple to be around. Once again I know it's not me though I am in great shape. There I can put her on full display.

At home I often just use her body for my own pleasure and it gives me a sense of power that I get to do this and all those that I see l*** after her can't.

Other than that I'm a nice guy and very attentive to her.

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  • Literally a strutting cuck. Ahhh, thanks for the laugh, loser!

  • Women who know they are attractive play mind games. My friends wife Iris a stunning Hispanic beauty is this way.
    He would let other guys flirt with her and never let it bother him. He would say he knows she loves him and she would never turn on him. And, she would play them off.
    Of course she resisted in front of him out of respect. Then, little by little she started having little circles of man friends that she knew how far she wanted to take it. She was very discreet about it all. She would tell her husband Armando she was going out with her girlfriends in which sometimes she would. Often times she would use that same excuse to meet guys at Happy hours.
    Before you know it my wife stated she had at least 5 guys she was having small affairs with.Some of it was sexual one nighters, kissing b******* mostly.If it wasn’t b******* she
    would have s** with them then drop them right away. She would lay low then start up again.My wife and her were not only good friends but co workers and my wife would say she would see her leave at lunch being picked up by guys she said were just friends she met.Sometimes she wouldn’t come back until work was over.
    One day she tells wife her husband has accused her of having an affair.She even tried to get my wife to cover for her on many occasions. We probably know more about her affairs than anybody would ever imagine. Like I said she very discreet and she has everyone fooled she’s a total saint. Over time and conversations with the wife she has admitted deep down to wife she has a thing for fit sexy guys and
    married or not it’s hard for her to resist
    the temptation.All women are attracted to hot guys and just cause she doesn’t do it around you doesn’t mean it’s not happening when your not around

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  • You don't own her ass btw unless mabye you're in saudi arabia

  • She will bone someone else no matter how good you are lol that is what routine does. shes checking out other people who are more fit than you;)

  • Ok good for you. Carry on.

  • Good on you. It's a great ego boost to use a woman. I like to dominate my gf. Force her to swallow and have s** when I demand it. I show her off in the skimpiest clothes and whip her when I feel like it

  • Didn't she dumped you?

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