How does everyone here fulfill their panty fetish? Comment how, I’m trying it get new ideas,

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  • I huff and I puff and blow thick load all over them

  • My aunt's are gorgeous white silk,always smell of lavender,and her musky p**** s**** always got an odd black curly pubic hair stuck in her c** stains,she 50 but in good shape little bit overweight but lovely full b**** and nice legs,I w*** myself stupid over them if I've got to go to her flat to feed her cat,when she's at work,have a good wanking session in her bedroom sniffing and tasting her panties love to get my tongue deep into her p**** and have her orgasming before I give her a good f******,mmmmm

  • I spank my self wearing them neighing like a horse

  • I bite and smell them while my b**** have it on

  • Go for an older used pair. The odour is wonderful and will drive to mad

  • Young girls knickers?

  • No just my girl....sometimes her mom's as well whenever i get a chance

  • My favourite kind

  • What’s ur favourite kind young girls school knickers

  • High school & college girls

  • Maybe a relative might come live with you, (that happend to me). If so when their gone steal a pair and go all out. Ive jerked off with them, smelled them, licked them, whatever. If not just be real sneaky next time you visit your cousins.

  • Here's what you do...STFU !!! F'n Idiot!

  • Wash and iron them and fold them and put them away.

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