How does everyone here fulfill their panty fetish? Comment how, I’m trying it get new ideas,

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  • I love the thought of my wife catching me in them and teasing myself through them. So much so I haven’t actually let her catch me. Been close a few times and she knows I do it but actually encourages it especially if she’s not in the mood. She’d walk back in the bedroom on purpose knowing under the covers mt ** was soaking them.

  • Service the wife wearing her **

  • I prefer to get mine from friends or family without their knowledge. I have been doing this for fifty years and still love it.

  • I ** and ** men for their family members used **. omg to smell a guys daughters or granddaughters ** as I ** their **, love it

  • I just go up to a pretty girl and ask if she could help me out ,when they ask how i say i would like it if tgey could help me out chosing ** for a lady friend of mine from a lingerie shop . When one agrees we go shopping , i adk her to pretend to be my lady friend . As we pick out ** i will joke and ask how these would look on me and we both laugh when we are done picking the ** out i will whisper to her if i could have tge pair shes wearing surprising how many grab a pair of new ones and come back with hers in her hand andvshe gives them to me . Sometimes i even get a phone number.

  • The big turn on for me wearing ** to ** or adult play is...hehehe...they have to be given to me from a female who is a friend or a nice open minded girl who you feel you can talk to her about anything...the smile between the giver and the receiver is wide grinned cheeky shared secret fun look...and the sperm is doubled when they ask if they can watch..being the pantie pirate exhibitionist character I am...I don't hold back on the squirming and moans with chest heaving as things go critical f@#$ing it : )

  • I huff and I puff and blow thick load all over them

  • My aunt's are gorgeous white silk,always smell of lavender,and her musky ** ** always got an odd black curly pubic hair stuck in her ** stains,she 50 but in good shape little bit overweight but lovely full ** and nice legs,I ** myself stupid over them if I've got to go to her flat to feed her cat,when she's at work,have a good ** session in her bedroom sniffing and tasting her ** love to get my tongue deep into her ** and have her orgasming before I give her a good **,mmmmm

  • I spank my self wearing them neighing like a horse

  • I bite and smell them while my ** have it on

  • Go for an older used pair. The odour is wonderful and will drive to mad

  • Young girls knickers?

  • I'm s boy I wear girls knickers ** ilove them ilove showing all the guys boys my **

  • No just my girl....sometimes her mom's as well whenever i get a chance

  • My favourite kind

  • What’s ur favourite kind young girls school knickers

  • I'm a boy I wear s hook girl knickrers

  • I'm a boy I wear school girl knickers you can see mine you can have mine

  • I'm s boy I wear girls white cotton ** school skirts

  • High school & college girls

  • Maybe a relative might come live with you, (that happend to me). If so when their gone steal a pair and go all out. Ive jerked off with them, smelled them, licked them, whatever. If not just be real sneaky next time you visit your cousins.

  • Wash and iron them and fold them and put them away.

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