Shorts and just as tight as possible on a beautiful woman absolutely blows my mind! There's nothing like seeing the full contour of a young adult female with this skimpy and skin tight transparent that are practically painted on her! I mean really tight, so tight that you can see the contour of her p**** as she moves. Just thinking about it gets me going. I even love the photographs if anybody knows a link to see this on the computer. Some girls still wear these in the summertime but not very many-certainly not enough for me. The strange thing is that I like this more than complete nudity-go figure

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  • Dude. I am totally with you. These "pervert" people are just mad cause nothing turns them on anymore. Short, tight shorts are super hot. I will go with the denim shirt thing too. Im a chick and I think its hot. Its COMPLETELY NORMAL for a guy!!!

  • Go j*** off in the corner

  • Pervert is the correct term. You stray from normal in my opinion.

  • totally normal, and i'm with you :) except i like short denim skirt on chicks. MAN is that hott!

  • That's great-just when I confess and hoped-for support somebody tells me that. Do you really think I am all that bad? This isn't normal at all? I don't always feel this way & thought someone else out there might understand. I guess I am a real j***.

  • So you're a pervert.

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