I have been feeling very... Numb the past 3 weeks or so. I am addicted to andrenaline and it has cause me to break the law a number of times in my past, I get into fights over it and I just can't stop and it's ruining my life. My parents resent me and don't treat me like a person I've been so stressed I recently was hospitalized with bleeding stomache ulcers. Food tastes blander, I can't eat at all maybe once a day, everything seems dry, and I can't take my mind off the thoughts of hurting myself or others. I have been "losing" myself in my thoughts for shelter. I can generate such vivid images in my head that its like a movie playing before my eyes that I control and I lose touch with the world for the better for a combined maybe hour each day. I'm not someone who just stands down I am the strongest of my peers and love that I can handle alot but I'm just tired, so very tired. I feel like I'm a bird with it's wings nailed to the ground and I don't know what to do.

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