My girlfriend’s tight little sister

My girlfriend’s little sister Mayci makes my d*** so hard it throbs when she is around I look at her feet and that tight ass she has. She is Guatemalan and I image jerking off her with black hair. I’d love to anally f*** her raw and pound her throat full of my c**. I take her worn panties, socks, and clothes to c** in and return them. I c** in her toothbrush and shampoo on occasion. If I could feel her slobber on my d*** and ride me I’d love to c** in her tight young p****.



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  • You guys are f****** sick in the head

  • I hope her panties are really tiny, lick the crotch to taste her sweet little c***

  • Have you shot a load in the food you give her yet? That is a blast. And give her a glass of cola that you have rubbed your leaking d*** around the rim of.
    Watch her drink your d*** slop from the glass.

  • I c** in my nieces rice cereal, love watching my sis feed her knowing I am getting my c** in her

  • You sound like you c** in your pants at the sight of her so I guess you would c** before before you get in her tight young p****.

  • I just love c****** in her moist worn panties and leaving her a big load. I hope she finds it and tastes my dried c**

  • How old is she? I love sniffing, licking and c****** in my nieces knickers, the youngest is not quite 3 and oldest is 11

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