Music festival women!

I love how ridicuously slutty women are at music festivals! I remember once at a heavy metal festival, this woman, about 21, in the tent beside me was wearing a a very tight pair of leather (or maybe P.V.C) trousers. She had been drinking all day and was staggering about. At a certain point she bent over to get something out her bag when all of a sudden her trousers went, ripppp at the back and her tight little ** was exposed to everyone! Being so drunk she barely noticed. She didnt change and that whole night she was walking around with her ** exposed!

Feb 16
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  • How do you know it was tight? Sounds more like it would be totally busted.

  • I once saw a young woman crowd surfing at a concert and as she got passed along he top got pushed up and lots of guys were groping her t**s and then her pants got unbuttoned and were starting to get pushed down so that half of her bu** was exposed and guys were griping her. Not sure how it ended but she was mostly laughing while hopelessly trying to her top down. If she worked on her top. The crowd worked bottom. If she tries to save her bottom, her top flew off.

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