Wife fantasy

I fantasize about my wife cheating on me. She is a sweet innocent middle-aged bbw with a cute face.

I get so hard thinking about another man making love to her. I can't stop thinking about it.

Jul 4, 2017

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  • My wife is a flirt and very attractive. We had some serious conversations about her and my fantasy for her to sleep with her ex and the few boyfriends she still stays in touch with. Nothing yet but she’s intrigued.

  • Good luck!!!

  • I want to watch my stepson f****** my wife/his mother. He's a really good looking young man.

  • I have the same fantasy. Hope you convince your wife and enjoy watching another man take your cute wife.

  • Send her round and I will f*** her and you watch

  • F*** my 28 yo virgin fiancée next!

  • I'd love to f*** her not make love, just lustful f******

  • F*** my virgin fiancée next

  • Keep on thinking about it then, if that gives you a hardon. But don't pressurise your wife into doing that for your selfish needs, because that isn't love.

  • My hubby encouraged me to f*** other men, I'm bbw and I have f***** 10 other men in the last year

  • It's now 11 and no it wasn't a big black c***, it was a big white circumcised one. I loved sucking his fat k*** before and after he f***** me

  • Have you had a huge black c***?

  • You are a f****** idiot i like to f*** what has race or colour got to do with it

  • Looser

  • Wow. 😊

  • Why not say a huge c***? Why state a huge black c***? You do realise a man's race, doesn't determine whether or not, they have a big or small c*** - don't you?

    If you don't, you're a stereotypical f****** imbecile!

  • BBC's are more intense. Much more taboo. Most white women cant stop after having one

  • It is the fantasy that is alluring. You really don't want her f****** someone else, you just like the idea that someone else wants to f*** her. That way you know others want what you have, and that makes you a stud or alpha.

  • Maybe he really does. I really want my wife to f*** other guys.

  • I like your psychological assessment. I'm a psychology graduate and agree immensely with your insight.

  • Fantasizing is one thing but would you really want it to happen for real?

  • My thoughts exactly

  • I don't know. Part of me is scared something would go wrong. But part of me wants it to happen so bad.

  • I've been trying to get my wife to f*** other guys, too. She wont do it.

  • So accept her answer and feelings, you douchebag!

  • I would be happy to make love to your plump little cutie

  • Sick f***!

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