Ive had enough

You think im stupid??? I practically beg you for s**! I've literally done anything you ever wanted just to please you! Yet here i am, sat downstairs with our 1 year old blasting music so that i dont hear you upstairs watching your p*** and squeaking our bed.
You tell me you dont do that when i tell you to do it. When i have the days when I hate you so much i dont want you touching me. You told me you dont enjoy it. I knew you were lying but didn't want to embarrass you and tell you that in our 5 years together I've heard you and caught you 100 times but didn't tell you.
But this is taking the p***. You aren't even trying to hide it anymore. You dont care.
It's not the act that bothers me. Like i said, I've caught you 100 times.
It's the fact you do it the morning after rejecting me.... Again.
Excuses like your back hurts or your tired from work.
It's not even the sexual act i crave. It's being wanted. I just want you to want me. In any way.
I dont know how much longer i can live like this. Your losing me Rob

Jul 10, 2017

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  • This can only be a post by yet another woman who after having kids became an unwashed fat horror. I would never f*** my wife now - couldn't manage to get it up with a gun at my head.

  • I'm not perfect but im ok. I'm often asked how a guy like him got a girl like me.

  • And I suppose you're dashing, f******* and a young hot Brad Pitt! Damn, you're stupid!

  • Try lingerie a nice dinner a new makeover if you had kids get into shape not saving your misusing yourself or anything like that but go all big get a make over idk woman dye their hair get a haircut go get your make up done walk in heels with a nice corset if he still doesn't want you then that spark has gone off...

  • It's seems like a lot of effort, for a man that's not trying, undeserving of her and doesn't care. It takes two in a relationship to keep the passion going.

  • It's not about s**, it's about careing. I'm 60 and my husband is 62. We have had our ups and downs but he has always loved me. He still f***** me 3 times a week, it not the raw s** we had but it's a lovely passion we share. Dump your man and start a fresh and in 40yr you could be writing this post

  • Are you ugly?

  • You're an ugly minded and hearted person, by asking someone this stupid question!

  • Shut up you tard

  • ^s*** stain^

  • That's how you were born!

  • Sorry this is happening to you. P*** can seriously destroy relationships. And if you bring it up, he avoids talking with you about it. But it's a problem and it's not going away. Have you considered counseling? You both have to find a way to reconnect with one another. Does he truly know that your relationship is on the verge of break up? It's true that at the end of the day, you may just need to make some decisions for yourself and your child. It's will not be easy, but how long can you live like this?

  • I agree with ^these^ observations completely. You both need to see a professional; but if he won't go, you need to go on your own as a serious first step. The counselor can suggest ways for you to encourage him to join you in the process, ways that will not seem like begging or berating, with the hope that he will want help. Somewhere under all the anger, he knows what he's doing is unfaithful, disrespectful and harmful -- to him, you and the family -- and that he needs help. I wish you the best.

  • I lived a lonely married life for many years. It crushed me in the end and I divorced her. It turned out to be the best thing I did and I found myself healed and happy some months later.

  • Mate I know how much it hurts not to feel wanted.

  • Why do you all think, everything revolves around s**? A person can be loved, shown affection and feel wanted, without it leading to s**. S** isn't the only intimate act, that makes a person feel self-satisfied, wanted and loved.

    I guess it's a personal preference and warped perceptions regarding intimacy, for some people. But as an individual within my individual perspective, I feel loved and wanted by my partner, just with his words and hugs. He doesn't need to make love to me, to make me feel desired, needed and wanted.

    Each to their own I suppose. But please have an open mind people.

  • S** is a critical element of love, romance and intimacy. It's not ALL about s**, but much of it IS about s**.

  • S** isn't a critical element of love, romance and intimacy. Some people like yourself, only think it is.

    You can express intimacy, love and romance in different forms besides "s**"
    If you don't realise that, you're narrow minded and sheltered. S** is for procreation and enjoyment only. However, not everyone has s**, wants to have s** or/and enjoy s**. Even then, a person doesnt have to have intercourse to procreate (sperm banks are sufficient enough) and people can m*********/use s** toys to achieve o******.

    Having s** isn't a prerequisite for SOME people. So open up your mind and try to comprehend, that everyone has their own perspective regarding how they express, want to express or what it means to express one's love. You're only one person and your perspective doesnt account for the majority of the individuals views on earth regarding s**/expressions of love and so forth.

  • For you to say this means you've either never had good s**, or you've never had any.

  • I'm just an open minded person and wise. Unfortunately, some people like yourself, aren't :-)

  • You arent open minded at all

  • Aren't

  • What you think is irrelevant :)

  • I confessed this. I think as I was venting my rage, I didn't explain myself clearly or you misunderstood. S** is great. I love s** but that's not what this is about.
    I can go without s** yes but It's the constant rejection I was complaining about.
    A cuddle, kiss, a deep conversation and yes s**. These are the things I miss. I just want attention and affection. It just so happened at the time, he had rejected s** for p*** again.

  • My comment wasn't directed at your confession. So I misunderstood, nothing.
    However, if you read my original comment, I did touch on some valid points, that seem to correlate with some of the things you conveyed.

    There's different forms of intimacy besides s** and it seems you aren't getting any form of affection and attention, from your partner at all. Perhaps he has a p*** addiction, it definitely seems like he does.

    Maybe counselling/therapy, may help him. But that's only if he realises he has a problem, he may be in denial about it.

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