With words I love,with words I feel.Sometimes I wonder if I didn't have this passion of penning thoughts then this experience wouldn't have happened ...then thoughts come Are we only creative imaginations.
If you wouldn't have reciprocated also it wouldn't have blossomed ,though nothing assured still something from inside says we feel the connection but where are we standing are we forwarding ...
I sometimes feel we are now actually standing still and just like to feel happy within that we love someone..there is a place where we can empty our heart ,our deepest desires.
Life is becoming too hectic day by day if words don't flow then will we be lost?
Can we survive ,do we have that stability are we really existing or we just feel what our hearts want to feel...
I feel we will be lost only remain will be our fossils of love through these words ...someone somewhere I loved and felt loved too this very thought will go with us to the grave because though we think this is something unique still we can't share with anyone.
I do miss you immensely but can't step out so are you we have only words between us...The day it will stop flowing we will lose all touch...
Will you still think of me then?
Will you still love me?

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