Preggo smoker

I smoke. Pack a day. A few days ago I found out I was preggo. My boyfriend is OK with it. I'm going to continue to smoke like always. My mom did it and I turned out fine. I love my ciggies, and won't give them up just cause i'm preggo.

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  • You're trolling, right?

  • You're already a terrible mother.

  • ^ true^.

  • Hey why not down half a 26oz while youre at it. your kids will look back at you and see a FAIL

  • Kid

  • You get the point......

  • You are harming your baby. Once upon a time, that was an opinion. It's not anymore.

  • "My mom did it & I turned out fine"...... Heresay from a S_c_u_mb_a_g. At best that is a unwarranted assumption that is yet to be determined by independent, objective means. Your failure to use reliable contraception by itself raises issues as to how irresponsible you are in general. I contend that it's even money conceiving you was a Mistake.

  • Holy cow, did u not lern that this is going 2 lead to premature birth?

  • Your selfishness is of no concern to the rest of us. But your neglect of your baby, and your damage to your baby, is nearly criminal.

  • Yea, whatever.. you've posted here before. Shut up.. Old fake news..

  • Hey little p_e_c_k_er_h_e_a_d you posted here before. Make me shut up coward.

  • If you're going to do that, just abort it.. You're not gonna do it any more harm that way at least.

  • Abort the b****.

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