So young so hot in the shower

To give you a background on me im 16 year old male im large from lifting,
One day my sister has her friend, Clair, over there both in the 5th grade. My sister is still undeveloped but her friend already is almost at a c cup with nice cury hips and no fat it must be genetics because she looked like a model at 11. So i keep an eye on her while she hangs out with my sis. She was wearing tight jeans and a low cut shirt showing off her young perky breast. I see her keep looking at me and i smile at her. My sis goes to the bathroom and Clair walked up to me and sat in my lap my c*** pressed into her ass and we talked untill we heard my sis coming so she surprises me with a quick kiss and gets off of me. Clair desides to spend the night and have a sleep over with my sister. And while im showering at 11pm she comes in naked and i see her she comes into the shower and i pick her up she whispers to me take my virginity so i take my raging hard c*** and thrust her into the shower wall i slowly enter her and after she adapts to me inside her i start to f*** her young body i use her until she o****** and its to tight for me so i erupt in her p****. We make out under the water then she leaves.
Im writting this an hour after having the best s** of my life with an 11 year old who is so sexy. Should i keep f****** her though



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  • Definitely

  • I often shower with my daughter. She's only 9 but she gives great head, and her love hole is so tight.

  • Add me on Snapchat I'd like to see andyc2104

  • Keep f****** that 11 y/o in the shower, and shortly 6'4" bubba is going to be f****** YOU in the prison shower!

  • Im 31 and I don't even touch older girls cause there all used I get luck about 3 to 5 times a year with young girls but alot of work to find good and willing ones

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  • I would have eaten that virgin p**** first and savored the smell and taste

  • Yes, you should f*** her if it feels good, just don't get her preggers

  • I just cant pull out tho its so tight and feels so good i have to c** inside her

  • I wish someone would f*** me like that too

  • Yous should treat that 11 year old p**** like your personal f*** toy and use it any time you want and however you want

  • I have f***** her young p**** 5 times now

  • 5 times in the matter of two days?

  • When? In your dreams?

  • Fake as f***

  • Young p**** is the best p**** make most of it while your young dude.20 year old p**** and onwards is just damaged in my fourtys now I wish I could go back and f*** all that young tight p****.live it up f*** it all.

  • You should get your sister to join have a threesome

  • I bet that p**** was so tight. Did you f*** her this morning?

  • Yes we had amazing s** this morning i came all over her t*** while we hidin the laundry room

  • Add me on snap I'd like to watch. andyc 2104

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