Last night was amazingly weird

What happened last night was...was well i cant actaully believe it happened!
basicly me my bf my sister and two of my bfs friends ended up having this swinging s** session/orgy,
it all started with pre drinks before going out, im 23 my sister is 19 my bf is 27 and his two mates ate older than him like 29 and 32, we have pre drinks and we end up not going out but playing deinking games before it turned into "i never" that game got us all tlkin about s** in great detail and before long it turned into dares, me n my sis got dared into kissing which we did, (not heavy) that led to my bf being dared to grav my sisters b****, which led to more and more, before long the game turned into "who out of me and my sis could suck c*** better" and yes i sucked off both my bfs friends and so did my sister before she sucked my bfs c***, it didnt end there, we then, me and my sis had a b****** race with my bfs two mates who could suck the c*** and make it c** the fasted! (my bfs idea) yea i won that but after that my i felt bad and got me and my aister to suck my bf off at same time but he wanted to f*** my sister as i had just sucked his mate off till he came in my mouth? i agreed, there was not hard feelings during any of this, the drink kept flowing and laughter carried on untill it was replaced by moans and groans and my bf ducked my sister in front me on our couch, h**** as h*** to watch and well, i ended up being sandwiched between my bfs friends as the took turns f****** me, spit roasting me in the same room as my bf was f****** my sister, i watched as my bf then started to f*** my sister up the ass ( he loves a***) and this escilated me to allow both his friend to enter my a*** with their bare c****, i took both d**** in me at same time, ass n my p**** as my bf made my sister c**, she screamed the place down and even squirted alittle, after i had my mouth filled with my bfs c*** as i got double f*****, i knew it was the same c*** that was just inside my sister but i didnt care, he f***** my face till he came in my mouth, the other two doubled me till they both came inside me, pretty much at same time but as we rested, my bf was already f****** my sister again, bent he over the sofa pulling her hair as he f***** her once again in her ass, i demanded that he disnt c** in her and he didnt, he pulled out and came all over my face instead, that was after i took another double f****** from his mates resulting in me screaming the place down as i came, it made the fuy in my ass c** but after getting my face coved in my bfs s****, he asked if i wanted to call it a night , i said yes and we went upstairs, me to clean off and have a shower, only to have my bf join me and f*** me again just us two, i stuck my head downstairs after and my sister was still hetting doubled f***** by my bfs friends, we left them to it, this morning however was very weird and my bfs mates left before i got up and me n my sis spone about it but it was alkward abit, currious on how we are going to move on from this

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  • Please do ask your bf about repeating the experience and let us know what he said. sexiest thing I've read on this website so far. thanks!

  • Well i have now repeated it, me, my boyfriend and the same two mates of his

  • Never read so much bull s*** in my whole life

  • Obviously never had anymore than a boring s** life

  • Your bf should a arrange a g******* for you with 6 guys. 3 in each hole and then the other 3 after they c**. Take turns filling ur holes. You like?

  • I like that idea

  • You do:)
    Wow thats so f***** hot! Do you think your boyfriend will like this idea and do it for you?
    if you were my girlfriend I would arrang this every week

  • Im not sure, i will run it by him next time we are talking in that way...

  • Cool, keep us posted :)

  • I really h**** thinking about it, im going to ask about it tonight xxx

  • This was a sick nasty joke!

  • But if it was two brothers having swx with 3 girls that be ok?

  • Sounds like a good time

  • Yea it was, i want a repeat just on my own

  • You shouldn't got your sister involved in your orgy session.

  • Yea i know, didnt plan it

  • Whores will be whores

  • Yes i guess we will

  • Kinky filthy s****! do u want it to happen again? what was u n your sister wearing when all this started? and what was left on?

  • Yea i do, maybe just me this time, i was wearing white trousers and halterneck top, my sister was wearing a skirt and stripped top

  • Actn w**** is ok next time ask dad mam to join

  • Thats just weird

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