I love being spanked & yelled at

When i was a kid i use to get on my mom & sisters nerves just to get in trouble so i could get a long spanking how ever i hated the fact that it made my mom & sisters cry some times
even now i wish i could find some one to hit & whip me like i was when i was a kid but every one wants to be paid 100 to 10,000$$ to cause someone like me pain its frustrating i cant even ask a neighbor hood bully to punch me in the face with out going broke 1st

May 2, 2014

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  • I am a guy. When I was at school I was in awe I guess of the deputy head master. He was maybe a lot of what I admired or wanted to be so I used to get in trouble just to be sent to him. Sometimes he would give me a detention that I hated. I learned then to swear and he would cane me and usually let me off the detention. Especially if I said the swear word and then say that the detention would mean I missed football training. I never felt he abused me. There certainly was nothing sexual about it. It was over my pants and only ever 4 cuts. I recall once I realised that I could do this standing nervously outside his office knowing I was going to do something to get him to cane me. I was really scared of the pain. Don't get me wrong here it hurt like h***. At the same time, I no father figure in my life and I liked this man. Weird hey.

    BTW, if you are female I would happily spank, paddle, cane you whatever. Reply here and I am sure we can find a way to connect.

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