I want to be spanked often

I think about being spanked often, a routine like going to a disciplinarian to be put on somebody's knee and spanked until my bottom is on fire while I'm being lectured on the things I did that earned me the punishment. I want to be forgiven and still feel the heat in my bottom for a long time, to know I'm cared for. It's not sexual, I think it's deeper than that, a need that doesn't go away. I wish I could have that.

Jul 21, 2017

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  • I am an experienced spanker that is looking for the lady that feels she needs a spanking for being bad

  • I am a 75 year old man who enjoys giving a "needy" woman a good bare bottom spanking. I have made several wooden paddles that sting like h***.
    Even though I enjoy giving the spanking, I want to reserve it for those women ages 21 -50 who feel that they need to be spanked as punishment or for improvements.

  • Hi I want to spank any woman who want me to

  • Strict parents who spanked when doing naughty things. Gave the teacher permission to bare bottom spank. I was a bed wetter into my teens and spanked for that. I associate naughty things with punishment spankings. Many nuaghty things i like to do. I need and deserve to be no nonsense bare bottom spanked for it. At 42 i have been spanked by or still spanked by Mother, wife, mother inlaw, sister inlaw, former teacher, uncle, my wife's boyfriend, a neighbor lady,
    church elder, co worker.
    To get spanked.... i sometimes still wet the bed, wet my pants like a naughty little boy, wear panties, get locked in chastity, do other very naughty things.
    Wooden paddle, belt, strap, cane, etc.

  • To h_e_ll with what YOU want. Being female, it's not your choice. Rather, it's what a man desires. Be it sexual or not, you will be forced to comply with whatever satisfies him. Learn that this will always be a MAN"S world, regardless of how the media tries to spin it. You will be disciplined by a man when he feels it necessary. You will submit & comply to whatever sexual relations he desires with you, and however frequently he wants them.
    That is just the way it is.

  • If your in Australia I'll do you

  • Enjoy.
    I enjoy a good spanking too (giving or receiving) but interestingly I don't associate it with being lectured or with doing wrong.

    But everyone is different.

    Sometimes I just like a spanking. Sometimes I want to be totally controlled. Tied spread eagle. Naked face down and be whipped really hard and painful. Beyond what I can take. Screaming and begging for it to finish but being ignored. It's about experiencing what I thought I could not bear.

    Good luck in finding what you want.

  • I wish you were near Middle TN because I could give you what you want.
    However, I often find that women who say they want a spanking are overweight and can't otherwise get a date. I am interested if giving a spanking to an attractive woman who feels she deserves it.

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