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I posted a long while ago on here about my problem with my boyfriend in bed. I got some good advice so im hoping you can help again....
Like i said, i posted here before because i cant get my boyfriend to calm down in bed. We have been together 6 years now and we started experimenting in the bedroom to keep things new and fresh etc but he won't calm down. We can't have normal s** now. It has to be a*** or he shoves his c*** down my throat till im chocking and can't breathe holding it there till i gag.
He makes me say horrible things and seems to believe he is some kind of p*** star.
It's loud (which is bad as i have 3 kids) and rough and im genuinely bruised and sore.
I wouldnt mind it as a random one off event every now and then but he can't. He starts off all normal but then he gets too into it and becomes a j*** again.
He calmed down for a few months and really went off s** and prefered to j*** off on his own.
What do i do? I feel like we are drifting apart.
Besides the s** hes the perfect boyfriend. You really really wouldn't think he was like this if you met him.
I dont want to lose him

Jul 23, 2017

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  • Maybe you need to let him have an outside s** partner for the rough stuff.

  • Consider slowing things down on the sexual front its not easy to brotch such subjects and can be difficult to traverse. I had a very similar problem well I was the one being too rough I felt pretty out of place when my girlfriend mustered up the courage to finally tell me I say mustered because she's pretty reserved so whenever she does say anything I know how much it must bother I never intended to hurt her I don't don't think your guy wants that for you either so just be open and he will self correct.

  • Congratulations. You just got promoted to "plate".

  • Wtf is "plate"

  • What's vanilla mean?

  • Plain and "normal" like doing missionary in silence.

  • You really do have to just tell him how you feel. Tell him all the things you're up for but that you just need some of it to not be so intense. It's never going to get better until you say something or he moves on from this phase.

  • Yup, I'd be a bit concerned though that he went from vanilla to psycho and now can't turn it off. Seems you may have opened up some crazy on him that you can't "put back in the box".

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