I am a man with a younger half sister,whom i love dearly and would never harm, or affect her life in anyway possible. However, everything about her continues to have a very overwhelming affect on me, causing me to feel helpless, unable to stop all the erotic, sexual thoughts i have about her, that i know are wrong. I cant really explain it but when i look at her, focussing closely over every inch and feature of her beauty, body, and hair, it causes my heart to race, and my entire body to sometimes tremble. Numerous times, even though it makes me feel bad, i have imagined myself caressing her body, touching her with my hands and lips, in ways that would make her shiver with exitment, begging and pleading with me to take her, pleasuring her in ways she has never felt before, seeing her beautiful brown, innocent eyes become filled with l***. The thought alone of our two sweaty, trembling bodies pressed together, as i bring her to multiple, intense o****** that make her cry out loudly in pleasure, over and over, for hours upon hours, all night long, until her voice trembles and her body lies limp, in a state of bliss, feeling my soft, warm, wet lips grazing lightly over her soft skin.
This is a little much i know but thats just a small taste of my passion and desires she has unknowingly ignited within me, fueling them everytime i see her, or hear her caring, soft spoken voice. I know that i can never tell her the truth, as to how she makes me feel, but there have been numerous times i have noticed her, sneaking glances between my legs, unaware that ive seen her, so im certain a part of her secretly feels and thinks things of this nature toward me, but she is far to affraid of the possible consequences if anyome were to find out, which i believe will always be the reason my desires will remain unfillfilled. As of this point in life, i have accepted i will most likely always harbor these secret forbidden desires for her and like thus far, nobody else has ever fullfolled them, and most likely never will..


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  • You aren't supposed to have s** with a relative. Get a girlfriend outside your family.

  • Nothing wrong with a bit of incest.s** with family members is fantastic

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