I love summer

The best part of summer hands down is bikinis, Seems like anytime you are around girls in bikinis you will eventually get to see something unintentional which leads me to this confession.
My wife and i have been together just over 10 years, Married for 7 and have 2 kids, We were invited to her sisters cabin which we are a couple times every summer, Her sister and her husband have been together 17 years married for 15 and have 4 kids, My wife is 38 and her sister is 41 and both are HOTTTT!!!
Yes that's right, My wife is hot, 2 kids and she looks 10 years younger than she is, Just good genetics because her sister is still smoking hot and even her mom at 62 is a nice looking woman but her sister is just amazing, 4 kids and a body like a p*** star.
My wife's sister always had huge b****, My wife is large chested also but not like her sister. After having 4 kids she was not happy with her b**** and since money is not a huge concern for them she got them fixed, I thought she looked great before getting them done but wow. Not only are they huge but as i found out this weekend they are perfect also.
My wife and i were out on the lake with them and all the kids on their boat and my wifes sister decided to do some wake boarding, She is new to it but surprisingly good already doing little spins and small jumps, She had on a nice bikini, Colorful and showed off just the right amount of skin but while wake boarding she had a wardrobe malfunction and with her life jacket on didn't realize, As she was climbing up the ladder i noticed the strings from the top of her bikini hanging out the bottom of her life jacket.
My phone was still open to the camera and i looked down starting the video, I held my phone so it didn't look like i was recording but had her in the frame. She was breathing heavy, dripping wet and rushing to get into a towel as she was cold from the water. She unzipped her life jacket, Tossed it on the floor of the boat and as she reached for a towel she was facing me, Looked own and i heard her mutter "F@#k" and spun her back to me. Her husband was driving and looking the other way, My wife was dealing with kids and while she had her back to me i put my phone away.
She fixed her top and turned to look at me, She smiled sheepishly and said "Whoops", I just said "i never saw a thing" and she giggled slapping me gently on the arm as she wrapped up in a towel, My wife and her husband never noticed anything and after going to the beach and spending the remained of the day there we went back to their cabin.
I excused myself to use the washroom and checked my phone, OMG!!!, They are amazing, My wife has told me that her sister is a DD or DDD depending on where she buys her bras i guess and they are absolutely perfect, She had her nips reshaped and they match perfectly, they are massive and perfectly shaped with great tan lines, Dark nips and when she turned her bottoms were up the crack of her ass on one side so i got a bonus full bum cheek.
What an amazing looking woman with a beautiful body, can't wait to go back to visit again, I am going to have to keep my phone on the ready more often.

Jul 24, 2017

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  • Without a boubt, you are correct. I love it when my wife puts on her micro bikini and we go to the beach. Suck it bro, she's with me! Lol

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