Old friends

My best friend had his 40th birthday last weekend, My wife and i planned on attending and since we live 3 hours apart had booked a hotel room but one of our kids got sick a couple days before and my wife had to stay home to look after him but urged me to go so he had told me to cancel my room and stay at their place.
On the way there i hit a deer and had to do some emergency road side repairs just to drive my truck the rest of the way which caused me to arrive late so i parked at their house and caught a taxi to the bar. We had a blast drinking, Dancing and just hanging out with a lot of old friends i haven't seen i a while. The three of us went back to their place and it was obvious he was looking to get laid as he groped and grabbed at her she kept telling him "Stop...Control your self...You'll get some".
We walked in and she showed me to the spare room as if i didn't know where it was and told me she had made the bed with clean sheets then said "Good night" and left, Being drunk they were not being very discreet and i could hear them making out and soon heard light moaning. My curiosity got the better of me and i snuck out of bed and stepped into the hallway, their door was open just a crack and i peeked in.
They were highschool sweethearts and have been together since she was 16, She is 2 months older than him and i am 6 months older than him and he has never let either of us forget it but she was always hot, growing up she had guys sniffing after her constantly but as far as i know was always faithful, She is an average height brunette, long hair, Big blue eyes and pouty lips. She has always been a little bit top heavy and back in the day had a tiny waist but has since filled out a bit although she still looks pretty damned good and even though i have caught a couple nip slips over the years she has always been kind of reserved about showing too much skin and had always turned down his requests for her to show a bit more.
Their kids were at his parents so there was no concern about getting caught so i stood at the door peeking in, They had the lights dimmed but i could still see everything quite well and watched as she pushed him on the bed and stripped down to her thong and bra. She has a bit of a chubby bum bit it is round and firm with really nice shape to it and when she took off her bra i realized her b**** were even bigger than i thought, I watched as she pulled his pants off and worked his d*** out then leaned in and sucked it, She was bobbing up and down fast and her big t*** were wiggling and jiggling and after only a minute or so he grabbed her hair and lifted his hips, She groaned in disapproval but being a dutiful wife she hung in there and swallowed it all then as she stood up she looked at him and said "really?" but he looked at her and said "Don't worry, i'm not done yet", She whispered "You f****** better not be".
He stood up and spun her around pushed her down on the bed and peeled off her panties then knelt on the floor and she laid her legs over his shoulders, I thought i was completely safe where i was but she was laying back, Eyes closed moaning quietly when he lifted his head, Looked right at me and gave me a thumbs up. My heart stopped but i couldn't hide at that point and was already caught so i gave him the most awkward thumbs up back, Her big, soft t****** were shaking as she squirmed around and finally whispered "F*** me".
He crawled on top of her and i watched as he lifted her legs putting them on her shoulders and turned her so her ass was facing the door, then rubbed his k*** on her c***, She keeps her p**** shaved but is a bit hairy around her a****** but not too bad and she is a brunette so it was to be expected, She took his shaft and rubbed herself while he reached around his leg and used one finger to rub her little bum hole.
She rolled him onto his back and straddled him, Reached between her legs and grabbed his d*** and sat right down on it then clenched her ass as she whispered "MMMMMM, F*** yeah", She laid on top of him working back and forth working that ass as he reached back spreading her cheeks and rubbing her, She was breathing heavy and her ass started twitching as she quietly moaned and shook a bit as she came, After a few big twitches she whispered "How do you want to finish birthday boy", He whispered "I want to t** f*** you and c** on your face", She shook her head no and said "No, But you can c** in my mouth".
They rolled over and he straddled her chest as she squeezed her big t*** together and he started f****** them, He was leaning back and she had her legs spread unknowingly showing me her pretty little p**** while he rubbed and spread her lips then he looked back and motioned for me to finger her. I was in no position to say no so i quietly pushed the door open and crawled on my hands and knees to the foot of the bed, He lifted his hand and put it on his back as i started rubbing her, She was warm and wet, I slid one finger in her and she was tight too. She started getting into it grinding her hips as i fingered her and rubbed her c*** with my thumb thinking she must have not been paying attention as it would have been pretty tough for him to do that from his position, He looked back at me fingering her then down at her and said "Do you wish that was (Insert my name here) 's d*** in you right now" and she moaned "mmmmm hmmm" then he said "He's just in the next room" and she said "Stop it...Remember...Fantasy...not real" then he leaned over her face and shoved his d*** in her mouth, i reached up and squeezed her t*** as he opened the night table drawer and pulled out her d****.
He put his d*** back between her t*** and reached back handing me a pretty good sized rubber d****, I rubbed it on her and she was so wet i just slid it right in, I looked around him and she had her head back with her eyes closed as i worked it in and out of her while she just moaned and whimpered a bit, Then lifted her one leg and he looked back pointing at her p**** and lifted his eyebrows as he nodded his head so i quickly stood up, Fished out my d*** and he shoved his d*** back in her mouth and she had one arm under his one leg holding her leg up, the other one stroking his d*** and he had both his hands behind his back. One hand pulling her nipple and the other on his back so she thought he was f****** her with her d****, I slid her d**** out and slid my d*** in and thank god she was drunk because she never even noticed, He looked back as i slid in her and whispered "F*** yes, You like the way (My name) f**** you" and she moaned "mmm hmm" and he took his hand off her t** and held her leg for her, She started to clench and then tilted her head back and moaned "Oh fu..u..ck" and came hard, I came in her at the same time and she went to put her leg down so I had to pull out putting her rubber d*** back in.
She reached around pulling it out of her tossing it beside the bed then told him "Oh god, I need you to finish, C** on my face if you have to" She had her eyes closed as he jerked off over her face so i stayed and watched until he came on her pretty face and then shoved it back in her mouth as she tried to push it away then said "Towel...Something" then she grabbed it and sucked it more, He handed her a t shirt and i slipped out of the room, A few minutes later he opened my door and waved for me to follow him.
We went to the garage and as soon as the door closed he high fived me like we were 15 again and i looked at him saying "What the f***", He laughed and said "That was f****** awesome, She has always fantasized about a threesome with you but says it will never happen because you are married and your wife is her friend". We talked and laughed for a couple minutes and had a smoke and i asked him if she had any idea and he said she didn't and was in the shower just as we were about to go back in the house she opened the garage door in her house coat and looked at him saying "What are you doing?", He said "I woke him up to come smoke with me" and she looked at me saying "Sorry...He's not very smart when he is drunk" and we all laughed, I said "No problem" and she said "give me one".
We all lit another smoke and she sat there in her housecoat smoking as we talked and laughed when he looked at her and she said "What", He said "Lets see whats under that housecoat" and she laughed saying "f*** off", He kept pushing and finally he said "Just one t**, c'mon...He has never seen your t***", she looked at me and then him, She was still obviously drunk and said "One t**...that's all and only because its your birthday then she opened her housecoat and showed me one of her t***, I looked at it and said "Holy s***" she giggled and closed her housecoat but he said "Hold on..." and pulled it back open then looked at me and said "You have to get one squeeze", She tried to push him away but he persisted and she looked at me and before she could say anything i reached out, I looked at her and she swallowed hard as she looked down watching me squeeze her big, soft t** for a second then pulled away, Closed her house coat and said "Ok...F***...please never tell (My wife)", I promised i wouldn't and she went back inside.
We followed a few minutes later and i laid in bed as i listened to them f*** one more time then in the morning i got up and they were still both asleep so i snuck out and headed home, Half way home he texted me and said "After we went to bed I f***** her from behind while she sucked her d**** pretending it was you, If you ever split with (My wife) We are gonna tag team the f*** out of her and maybe she'll even know about it LOL".
Obviously i deleted the conversation before i got home and when my wife asked how it was i told her we had a blast and it was too bad she couldn't come, Too bad for his wife i am happily married but i couldn't turn down an opportunity like that.


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  • Damn, that was a hot story!
    Cheating really, but in such a way it was only
    borderline wrong ;).
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey, it's the comma dude. How the h*** are you? I see you have learned to use some periods now, you're getting better. I haven't seen any of your stories in awhile. But this is a good one. Lol

  • Learn to divide sentences correctly.

  • It was intentional dumb ass. Read the comment again and you may understand.

  • A very nice read

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