I am a trans man.
A trans man who wakes up everyday
And puts a bra on
And gets called a girl.
And gets told by my mother that I'm a pretty girl.
And I want to f****** die
I feel trapped
Trapped in my body
Trapped in this house
I will never be the man I need to be

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  • You're a depraved r*****.

  • Wrong again!

  • Not at all, paedophile!

  • Eternally wrong

  • Nope. You are clearly that and more.

  • Still wrong Stephen Cooke

  • Lol... the description made me laugh... "I'll never be the man I want to be." Yes, you can grow a beard, shave your head, cut off your t***, and grow a p****! SOLVED!!!

  • You are a freak. Please die.

  • Inaccurate and cruel!

  • GFY, troo!

  • Troll

  • Imbecile

  • Wrong!!!!!

  • Yes, you are!!!

  • Wrong once again

  • Nope. 100% correct.

  • Wrong again Stephen

  • Adam was made for eve not steve

  • Actually, Eve was made for Adam you idiot! She was created from one of Adam's ribs, apparently. But how accurate is that information? No one is alive from the Adam and Eve days, to confirm the accuracy of the above info.

  • Thank you. Are you still molesting the neighbor's 8-year old?

  • My neighbour's are a hot lesbian couple. Yes, I participate in threesomes with them. Who wouldn't?

  • Inaccurate again

  • If there were more options such as; a Steve and Evie, aswell as Adam and Eve, I wonder what they would've chosen?

    Apparently they only had each other, so so what other choices did they have - but to f*** each other? And if its true, Eve was created from Adam's rib, so wouldn't that of made more like siblings, rather that partners made for each other?

    And Adam and Eve have nothing to do with, the op being transgender asshat!

  • True. The OP is an asshat.

  • True, you're the asshat not the op!

  • And you're a paedophile, asshat!

  • Wrong again

  • Keep denying the truth.

  • Wrong again Stephen, wrong 👎🏻

  • Hi, im Alex and i am so sorry to here you feel like this but i know what you are going though, it is a long hard process to become male but it is possible. If you know in your hart that you are male then go see your doctor, they can help you along the path and show you the next steps.
    you don't know me but i am with you all the way!

    To all who are agents this or are being mean, i am disappointed in you! you probably don't care but i am. we all have the right to live with out fear and at be tested equally. don't be a bully to this man, be supportive.

  • Bullshit.

  • You're full of s***!

  • You're a paedophile!!

  • Stop referring to yourself

  • I'm referring to you, b*******!

  • Nope, still referring to yourself :)

  • Nope, simply calling you out for what you are.

  • Nope, wrong again Stephen

  • This is like our house. My wife does not listen. It's her way all the way. The more our daughter tries to express herself the more my wife clamps down. The girl has to wear skirts almost all the time

  • Why not decide on a gender transformation or something? Life is too short to live it, within a body /gender - you don't identify with.

  • Gender dysphoria sucks man... im sorry you gotta deal with that.

  • My mom was really supportive. She bought me breast binders and boys clothes. She asked me to wear a dress to visit the grand parents. I hated that but I did it. At the time I did not realise how supportive she really was and how one does have to act the way others expect sometimes.

  • That's something many, many people need to learn. Be yourself, but shut up and just accept the fact that you share this world with other people, and you are NOT the undisputed center of it.

  • Just kill yourself.

  • Wow what a c***

  • So are you!

  • Your both C-u-n-t-s!

  • You're, not "Your"

  • You are a F-U-C-K-T-A-R-D!!!

  • States the r*****!

  • If you say so, twatwaffle!

  • I agree

  • You're a cucktard.

  • I agree, you're a cucktard troll

  • I agree, you're a paedophile.

  • Stop loving children in a f***** up way!

  • Quit molesting kids and puppies.

  • I love women, not puppies and children! How revolting of you!

  • No, you love naked 8 year old boys.

  • So your genetically male.
    Dress as female.
    Wish you were a male?
    I confused.

  • The op is biologically and physically a woman, whose a trans man in the closet - desperate to be a man, because she feels/identifies as a man and not a woman.

  • BS it's a woman and will always be a man.

  • Inaccurate

  • You are definitely that.

  • Yes, you're:)

  • Yes, you are.

  • Ok thanks for clarifying. I had not realised. I actually feel really sorry for her.

  • *him. He's a guy.

  • Wrong

  • She identifies as a man. But she isn't one yet.

  • Sorry to sound uncaring but she will never be a man. She will always be female no matter how she dresses, the hormones she takes or how she mutilates her body. What she needs is help with her mental health and not a group of people forcing others to live in her fantasy world. This whole trans thing is a mental illness and needs to be treated as such. Look up the suicide rates both before and after gender reassignment surgery ,its extremely high which tells you its a mental heath issue.

  • Being trans is a mental illness in your opinion, but your opinion isn't derived from facts - it's derived from ignorance!

  • So is your glitter logic.

  • Since when has factual info, been perceived as glitter logic?

  • Making up facts as you go?

  • Yes you're, aswell as being ignorant and judgemental :)

  • Yet you have nothing to back you up except your creepy depravity.

  • No, actually it is a fact and your feelings are unimportant . If not a mental illness please explain the high suicide rates? Depression is a mental health issue correct? I'm not trying to be uncaring , actually the total opposite, I want trans people to get the help they need. No matter what they do they will never achieve transitioning into a biological male or female that is a fact that drives them farther into depression.

  • Your comment and opinion are inaccurate, aswell as irrelevant. That's factual lol :)

  • The comment was correct. You can't handle the truth.

  • Your opinion is inaccurate, simple as that (:

  • You're wrong but you continue to double down on your stupidity.

  • States the idiot that thinks, a person's opinion is factual evidence.

  • Says the imbecile that uses their emotions to form their opinions.

  • Looloool Here we go again :)

  • You never stopped.

  • Depression is a mental health illness, but being transgender isn't - that's the difference.

    Good day to you and one peace ✌🏻

  • Transgendered imbeciles are indeed sick in the head.

  • Wrong again :)

  • Not. It's the truth. Inconvenient for you.

  • Wrong again lol

  • Yes, you are definitely wrong.

  • Well said.

    Depression is a mental health illness (FACT) Being transgender isn't a mental illness (FACT)

  • Both are lies. You really are delusional.

  • Wrong as usual :)

  • Yes, you are. Why do you live such a delusional life?

  • Ask yourself :)

  • Ask myself why you're a twisted freak? Only you can answer that.

  • Sorry. Kind of a new area for me.

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