Show and tell, touch and please

When I was 14-15 being hornery all the time had taken over. And I lived in a neighborhood of hot girls. One of the moms was even working in the yard one day and her lose too was showing a b***. My older sister was super naughty streaking with two hot friends and once getting felt up naked under a blanket on our couch. By my best friend. I walked by and he grabbed my hand only to stick it on her bare t**. I wasn't supposed to get hard but I did. The girls were more than willing to tease but also play dirty games. Sometimes in a tent other times in a house. I was all too happy to play. Even if I was asked to expose myself I would. One cutie said I had more than her dad to another girl. I doubt it because I had a b**** when she saw me. It was fun to do. We were learning. To show off my c*** and make them tingle and get warm was a turn on. I love pleasing female's. I was with three sexy sisters in their upstairs dare game began. When I was dared to poke one girls sweet p**** i did. Gladly. But I lived being seen and touched most. One girl and I had show and touch in my parents room. She explored my genitals nearly making me c** as I explored her tight body. Such pretty and perky t***. Such a nice p****. None of us ever f*****. We feared the pregnancy thing. But I had my b**** riding between ass cheeks once and messed all over. Otherwise it was hand fun. I'm still naughty. Just having moved in is a tight body honey. I'll behave. Well I'll try.

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