Why should American society not fear and hate Islam?

Mst of the terrorism has been caused by Muslim terrorists. Yet we allow them to stay here and let more of these baby f****** in our country.

Just a few years ago the GBI in Georgia broke up a Muslim terror cell that was planning to explode a bomb in Macon Ga which is a sleepy small southern south Georgia city. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation pretended to be Muslim terrorists and they supplied these scumbags with what looked like real dynamite. They put this fake dynamite in a car which was parked directing in front of a busy shopping mall and when they pushed the detonator this car didn't explode and the GBI was tipped off and the Muzzies were arrested.

This also happened in Oregon. Muzzies succeeded in killing innocent people in Boston, New York City, CaLIFORNIA AND THEY HAVE BEEN CAUGHT TRYING TO KILL US IN MANY OTHER PLACES.

I'm of the opinion the Islam society and that all eight million Muslims in America deserve to be sent back to where they came from.

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  • Islam has big plans for the US. By the middle of this century they will be the largest religion in the US. One hundred years from now we will be an Islamic republic and they will rewrite history books to say that the US has always been Islamic. They will accomplish their goals through immigration and huge families. Muslims do not integrate. They congregate and exclude us, the 'infidels'. When their percentage of our population exceeds 20% they will elbow the rest of us out of all positions of authority. At first we will be discriminated in workplaces, forced into slums, starved out and eventually exterminated.
    Islam is an existential threat to our nation, our culture and our freedoms. And we are stupid and naive enough to let them take over. We are too politically correct to dare to defend ourselves. Anyone daring to say anything negative about Islam (however true) is instantly tarred as a 'racist', even though Islam is a religion, not a race. Trump has been pilloried for trying to do the right thing and properly vet immigrants from Muslim countries. That is no surprise, as it is true: no good deed goes unpunished. I have no hope for America. We are doomed. But I am in my 70s and with a bad heart, so I will not be around much longer. I won't have to endure the misery and pain. It is your problem. Good luck and God help you, because no one else can.

  • Amen, its scary
    I hate Muslims with a passion. I'll stand and fight.

  • The shooter in Las Vegas is apparently a Muslim convert and has been for years.

  • There is no such thing as a "muslim terrorist". Muslims are not allowed to kill innocent people. What you call a "muslim terrorist" is an illegitimate offspring of a pig. I say that as a practising muslim.

  • If we are not muslim then we are not innocent thus can be killed in the name of Ala.

  • We've got those too, here in the States. Fundies are toxic useless psychotic walking bulls-eyes, no matter what their religion.

  • When we had trouble with the IRA, American Irish catholics supplied them with money, which they used to buy weapons from Gadaffi to murder British men, women and children. My friends and I celebrated when muslims killed so many of them in the arrack on the twin towers.

  • I fear Islam, I thought Christians were bad... the Islams are ten times worse, they are living in the STONE AGE. Beheading people, stoning people, cutting of arms and legs... HOLY FREAKING H***!!!! Terrorism is real, and that is all they think about is POWER ad dominating people. Their religion is based on terror.

  • The only reason fundy Christians don't do such overt things is because they usually prefer to do their worst out of view, behind closed doors.

    You know how it's obvious when boys are bullying someone, but it's often harder to observe when girls are doing it because they're so much sneakier and better at pretending to the right people that they're perfect little angels?

    **Exact. Same. Thing.**

    Pun intended on the "angels" part.

  • Ah, another ugly American drinking the Trump Kool-Aid. Yes there are all kinds of terrorist cells from nay religions and countries and we can't find them all before they hurt us but rounding up any religious group for deportation doesn't really fix anything. You're blinded by fear and the media but just think about the fact that for every terrorist act that happens on US soil, there are many "terrorist" acts performed by our own military on foreign soil against innocent people living their lives just like you. If you lived overseas and an American drone dropped a bomb on your neighborhood, you'd be saying "kill all the Americans" too. No one is without fault when it comes to world relations, America is just really good at masking it from their people.

  • Ah, another person with blinders on as you pick up the dead bodies of your friends and family.

  • Ah, another ugly Trumptard guzzling the orange Kool-Aid. That person's right, we're very good at putting up a front and have been for years, and you literally cannot see that. It's hilarious that someone like you accuses anyone else of having blinders on. (And no, you're not "more patriotic" because your blinders are painted red white and blue, you delusional fuckstick.)

  • Hey fucktard nuclear war is much worse than what a bunch of stone age muslims can do. it is the dumbass religious ideas we need to stop. oh and it also helps if your country stops selling weapons to the third world......they eventually get used against americans

  • If the "victims" are Muslim they are not innocent. Islam is the enemy of modern civilization.

  • No, Americans are the only ones stupid enough to spend their own money and man power performing the bidding of the UN. That is why America looks like the a******* as the UN looks like the nice guys.

  • Ever go to school you f****** idiot? the un doesnt have enough power to accomplish what it needs.

  • One love and peace ✌🏻 to everyone.

  • Great idea. Let's do that . . . . . right after we ship those criminals back to their homeland.

  • Good idea but before that you should go drink some antifreeze it tastes delicious....

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