Nephew's surprise

I'm the only one in work answering the phone so i just started wearing only short dresses with no underwear ive gotten so used to it when my nephew phoned me i told him to come to my work place forgetting the way i was dressed i buzzed him in ive not seen him in months and hugged him and sat back down i quickly noticed his eyes were looking to far south at me and remembered i had no knickers on and asked him if this was better as i lifted my leg on to my desk showing him my p**** he quickly got up and moved towards me got his meaty c*** out and shoved it in my mouth hearing him moaning as i worked on him i could tell he was desperate to c** and took his c*** to the back of my throat and let him explode but i wasn't done with him yet i let him sit in my chair and quickly got his c*** that was still leaking c** in me and f***** him for around 5 minutes until he grabbed me hard pumping his seed in me he looked exhausted when he left.

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  • Keep your job. f*** is good in your home or motel. email me your photos gino8xx@yahoo

  • Almost every week we report a focked up story involving something along the lines of incest, b********* or just people generally being absolute filthy focking dirtbags, and every week I think we’ve finally found the biggest and most perverted se xual deviant out there, then another one pops up out of the woodworks, upping the ante with their weird fetishes and proving me wrong. Peggy Phillips is this week’s entry in the category of Most Focked Up S ex Pests, and she takes the accolade by a long mile.
    The 43 year old woman – of Pasadena, Texas – is charged with se xual assault of a minor after allegedly s******* her own nephew, to quote the court documents, ‘hundreds of times’. What’s worse is that the first time they did it the kid was lying in a hospital bed being treated for an unnamed ailment. The boy told police that his aunt:
    Police say that the affair continued when the boy moved in with the aunt and her husband  – who was also his uncle – to escape ‘a bad situation’ at home between 2007 and up until 2009. During that time Phillips also sent numerous indecent images of herself to her nephew, accompanied by messages of a se xual nature.

  • My friend was having s** with his Aunt, I think the "Affair" lasted two years

  • An Elwood man, convicted as an adult of incest committed with his older aunt, was turned down last week by the Indiana Court of Appeals in his claim that his attorney should have raised a statute-of-limitation defense in his trial.
    The man was 23 in 2007 when he had consensual s** with his then 34-year-old aunt, according to court records.

    The Herald Bulletin isn’t publishing names because of the nature of a se xual crime.
    Both the man and the biological aunt were charged with incest, Class C felony, for the incidents that occurred between Nov. 1, 2006, and Jan. 31, 2007.
    The man pleaded guilty and was sentenced in Madison Circuit Court to six years with two of those years on work release and the remainder suspended to probation.

  • What his age?

  • FUCKoff pedo.

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