Shy wife first glory hole

My wife and I have been married just a little over 4 years, we are in our early 30's and s** is not that exciting anymore. So we want to try something different. My wife is Asian 5'3 slim fit and has 34D size t***. She have only had 2 men in her life and one of them being me.

She is quit shy and I have always wanted her to do naughty things. She finally agrees on trying a glory hole. She is excited but wanted do try things without anyone knowing who she is.

So the plan is to have her in the room and she do everything without knowing who they really are. I am looking for some suggestions as to who to bring.

She told me I can get up to 3 men, doesn't matter the age of course legal age and doesn't matter the different race as well. Am I thinking one older man, one younger and the other can be anything. I get to record the inside of the room and outside to see who is f****** her.

I will pick the top three most suggested type of man. Please give details.

Jul 29, 2017

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  • I suggest someone like myself and a couple buddies of mine

  • I would like to suggest getting a few guys in the younger range 20's-30's, acouple of 40 year old and two guys in their 60's. Start off individually, then build up for a full blown all in or out.

  • First, since she "agreed", you need to multiply that "2" by a factor of 3 = ~6 . . . .

  • I once saw an amateur video of this chick giving her real brother a b****** thinking it was her boyfriend. She found out after and starting puking. It was pretty awesome.

  • You let her guy best friend or if she doesn't have one then let your best bud have a turn.

  • Does she have a younger brother? If yes, let him enjoy a full grown woman and loose his virginity to her. Make him c** all over her t*** and p****.

  • I dare you to give her an old and homeless man. He'll be hungry for some p****

  • Wow! Never thought about this one. But I would need at least let him take a shower before he f**** her.

  • What about a virgin 18 years old white boy, he'll enjoy her tight p****.

  • She would love this

  • You should let a 60 year old guy f*** her

  • Well, she won't while she's getting f*** by the old guy. I should give him a vigarra just for fun.

  • I went to a swingers party with my husband, in one room three was a glory hole tent and I sucked off six men. Then f***** another three as hubby encouraged me he f***** two women and i had lesbian s** with the second woman.
    Until th st night I had only f***** my hubby. I can't wait for the next party

  • Wife and went to a swingers party that had one of these. She never did this before but wanted to check it out. I watched her suck off a guy and swallow his c**. After he was done, I told her that I wanted to have s** with her. I told her to back up the hole and let me f*** her p****. She turned around and lifted her skirt so she could guide me in. I f***** her but more importantly I really wanted to get another c*** in her.
    A decent looking man was watching me with my wife and I put my finger to my lips to be quiet as I asked him if he wanted to slide into my wife pretending it’s me. He said yes and and undid his pants waiting and getting a condom. I shook my head no and he smiled from ear to ear. After another minute I pulled out too far a fell out of her p****. I quickly switched places and let my stand in take my place. He was about the same size as me so my wife wouldn’t know the difference. My wife grabbed him and a stuffed him back inside her. Within a 3 or 4 minutes he mouthed that he was going to come and I nodded to go ahead. He exploded in her and she had her third o*****. He pulled out and I took his place back at the hole. I zipped up and my wife came around the wall and started kissing me. She took my hand and put it under her skirt showing me how my c** was dripping out of her. This was the first time she took another man bare and I never told her that it wasn’t me.

  • Get a black dude

  • Great idea! What age should he be?

  • >50. Younger guys can get lots of pu$$y, get a half dozen old guys and give 'em a chance.

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