I groped my wifes sister

My wife is a twin, her and her sister are almost identical in every aspect except that my wife has had three kids but looks amazing, her sister is unmarried and has had no kids as of yet because she is concentrating on her "Career".
Last night my wife's sister was at our house and i was out in the garage p****** around as usual.
I constantly grab and grope my wife "Inappropriately" because i think she is super hot but I came inside and walked to the bedroom and there was who i thought was my wife bent over in just a thong, I walked up and didn't even think about it. I wrapped my arms around her, Grabbed her b**** and thrust my hips forward bumping her hips with my crotch. I knocked her off balance and continued holding her b**** helping her get her balance then she spun around and i instantly knew i was f*****.
her eyes were huge and she said "What the f*** are you doing?", I said "Oh my god...I thought you were", totally an unintentional reaction but i looked at her b**** and she covered them saying "get out", I left as she slammed the door and was met in the hallway by my wife who said "what's going on". I immediately apologized explaining that i thought it was her and explained what happened, Her sister came out and my wife burst out laughing saying that she was surprised it hadn't happened sooner.
Everyone calmed down and we had a good laugh and i think her sister is cool now but it was tense for a few minutes.
P.S. my wife's sister still has great t***. LOL.

Aug 1, 2017

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  • My wife’s sisters and I fantasize one another.

  • Yes this happen quite often if U R twin brother of twin sister one way or other without knowing in that critical moments what in your mind is only having a good time st that moment n that that

  • Omg, I did this one time to a coworker at work.
    I normally give my wife a smack on the ass (not hard) whenever she is bent over as I pass by. I don't know why, I just always have, and the wife kind of liked it so I just kept doing it. I have done it for so long, that now I just do it out of habit and don't really even think about it.
    I work with several other women whom I get along with very well. We even hang out with each other and our spouses outside of work. So I was at work one day and walked by one of my female coworkers whom I'm friends with. She was bent over a table reaching for a part that had fallen toward the back. As I passed by, I instinctively just smacked her on the ass. As soon as I did it I immediately realized what I had done and started apologizing. Thank goodness she thought it was funny. She knew why I smacked her ass as her and my wife had already discussed me doing it to her out of habit. She told me it was no big deal and that it just kind of surprised her.
    Needless to say, she told her husband and I told my wife. Neither my wife nor her husband was upset, but now it's a standing joke between all of us. "Don't let your wife bend over in front of Jason, he'll smack her ass" LOL

  • I grabbed my wife's best friends b*** one time on accident. I was coming out of the house and I didn't know she was behind me. I had a few things in one hand and reached behind me not looking to close the door, only it wasn't the door, it was the wife's BFF and I got a good hand full of her t**.

  • Haha, I bet your heart missed a beat when you smacked her ass.

  • Haha, not

  • Not what?

  • Idiot

  • Are you capable of having inteligent conversation? I didn't think so.

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