My landlady

When I was a student, my landlady was a slim, plain-looking widow in her mid-sixties. One summer holiday I decided to visit Spain. My landlady had never been abroad, and she pursuaded me to take her along.
At one village, there were only rooms with double beds, so my landlady had to sleep with me. On the second night, I got a real hard-on. My landlady felt my erection and started massaging it. Without saying a word, I put my hand under her short nightdress, pulled her panties to one side, and eased my c*** into her. She gave me a most incredible f***.
My landlady told me she was 67, and mine was the first c*** she'd had since her husband died 11 years before. We f***** every night after that. When we returned to London. I slept in her bed and she gave me a f*** whenever I needed one.
After university, I got a job and continued to live with my landlady, f****** her almost every night. I f***** several young girls, but none of their p****** gripped my c*** like my landlady's. Sadly, when she was 78 she had to go into a home, where she died a few months later. I miss he terribly.

Aug 3, 2017

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  • She wasn’t my landlady but a plump widow in her sixties in our neighborhood was the first woman I had s** with.

    Never had better s** then with her with other women later.
    I think it was because I was very h**** in my youth and had a big dtamina and the widow was insatiable and h**** a young man like me.

  • I also have very good memories of my landlady, a widow of 65.
    She wasn’t the prettiest, fat, hanging b****, big belly, ass, legs.
    But gave me (a student of 17) great s** every time I wanted.
    Never refused me and if I wanted, I got me a hot b****** before diner sitting on the chair by the kitchen table. She knew she get good s** later that afternoon from me.

  • I live for half a year now with my landlady, a chubby widow of 64 with a nice set of b****. For four month now I share her bed often and s** with her is amazing.

  • When I was a student my widowed landlady often came to my room and sucked me until I e*********. Then she wanted me to suck her and put it up her.

  • I'm 19 and I get decent hot girls, but sometimes I wanna f*** a hot old lady. Make her feel young again

  • That's why lonesome landladies rent rooms to young, h**** students, didn't you know?

  • I was searching for a tenant and found this.

    I’m a 68 year old widow and rent a room for ten year now. And yes, always had a h**** student who didn’t mind f****** an old woman like me because I have p**** (and my mouth) for them. To be honest, last ten years were the best years of my life.

  • I also rent a room to a black young student.
    I’ve read they like big women, I am. Although I’m 61 already I thought he wasn’t interested in an oldie like me but I was lucky he didn’t had a girlfriend and was too busy with study to find one.

    We got used to each other and so it happened he one evening knocked on my bedroom door. S** was great and he never sleeps in his own room.

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