Should I tell my boyfriend??

Okay..I am in a very bad confusion right now which is making me feel damn miserable...I just can't share this with my friends or cousins due to the guilt so here I am asking for your advices and opinions on my situation please do help!!!

So what happened and my group of friends were going back home in summer holidays from my hostel that is about 8 hours away from my home. We usually take an AC sleeperbus and do the overnight journey and reach home by early morning. So this time also was the same situation. We were in the bus talking and laughing then we all fell asleep...I was sleeping with my best friend...he was sitting and I was lying on his lap as there were no pillows in the bus...I was continuously changing my position while sleeping as I was not comfortable then finally I sat and lay my head on his shoulder and slept I don't know but later I felt that we was not a long one just a peck but I felt his lips on mine and then I change my position again and the whole night I was thinking about this but I was too sleepy to recollect what happened I was just hating my self for doing this to my boyfriend and the next morning also I had this guilt and so I talked to my best friend about what happened last night and he said nothing as such happened I don't why he denied when I felt it I am in a big dilemma whether to tell my boy friend about this or not as I don't wanna hurt him but at the same time I feel guilty about what happened...also I wanna loose my best friend as he is the first friend who cares so much for me and I respect him too...what should I do? Please reply ASAP

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  • Just f*** your best friend already. You know you want to, and he is probably tired of being in the friend zone.

  • Honestly, it doesn't sound like anything happened. Give yourself a free pass on this. You have nothing to tell your boyfriend and you can keep your best friend. Stop giving yourself a guilt trip. You're okay. Let it go.

  • But it happened twice....I was sleepy and feeling cozy and another peck! But again he denied that nothing of that sort happened.

  • Well... i would suggest to stop placing yourself in a situation that might carry to this. i mean if it happened once, it will happen again if u "innocently" put yourself in the same situation.

  • Btw thank you it did give me some relief

  • Maybe from now on don't put yourself in what may be a compromising position. It's a peck like you would kiss your grandma, he didn't stick his tongue down your throat. And he's denying it. If he likes you and wanted something to develop, you would think he would have copped to it. The guilt that you're feeling is enough punishment for something that seems very minor. I don't think cheating is okay, but in this instance just let it go. In the grand scheme of things of what could have happened, just move on..

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