I want to move to Arcadia bay in Oregon and start over

I hate everything in my life , but Arcadia bay in Oregon is a good distance away from British Columbia, away from where I live ,I could run away and start a new life there and nobody will ever know I went there to start a new life, I could go now , but my Unemployment insurance will not be able to follow me to the town , I am Canadian and my U.I is good for 16 months while I find new work , I hate my life in Canada , I want to start a new life in Oregon.

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  • Go for what makes you happy, life is too short too many time I had opportunity to open business to invest to go for higher paying jobs put of town but because I put others into consideration first I now sit wish I could've did things now it's regret that follows you around you can't go back and change but you can now live learn and prosper . now don't be scared of what ifs nothing is perfect it will never be you can have things today but tomorrow you never know if you'll wake up with them next to you! Regret is fear. Fear is regret...

  • Arcadia looks beautiful, not sure what the job prospects look like. Running away always sounds good in theory, but often times whatever demons you're running from will follow. Maybe what you can do is use the next 16 months to reinvent yourself. Look into online courses to get a certificate in something you enjoy. Or maybe even look into teaching English to children abroad. That would take you out of where you're living and maybe to a new locale where you can explore the world. It's something to think about. When you are done you would have a credential (would have to confirm this..) and maybe even a little money saved up and then you could look into relocating to Oregon. These are just suggestions.

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