I dropped my Mormon friend after I told him his religion was nons

My ex Mormon friend was dating a girl and she was planning to join the church and then they were going to marry. She was 23 years old and one day she told him she had lost her virginity. He was shocked and he told her the marriage was off.

This p***** me off at him and when I saw him again I told him our friendship was off and that his religion was manufactured by a lying snake oil salesman who made up the whole story about the origin of his religion. I told him that I was stupid to associate with a cult member anyway.

He was shocked to say the least. I had known him since grammar school and had hung out with him our entire teenage lives.

I went to his ex fiance and told her she was lucky to be dumped by the cult member and to find a normal person to hang out with. We started dating and we plan to be married in my good ol normal down to earth Methodist church.

Since then Mormons have come to my church and joined. They had to be rebaptised as we feel their religion is not Christian and is a dangerous cult.

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  • The phrase "ex Mormon friend". Ex Mormon? Ex friend? Both?

  • Maybe he doesn't want to marry a s***.

  • Worst religion ever.

  • Compared to your Cult of Sodomy?

  • Sodomy of children by priests and child abuse by nuns!

  • So are you a priest or a nun?

  • Stfu you stupid pedo

  • How many little boys have you murdered so far?

  • I wish I had two or three wives. One to cook. One to f*** and one to look after the kids.

  • F****** idiot

  • You're right, dude: that whole religion is effed up.

  • The Mormon faith is pure nonsense.

  • And so are people like you

  • Mormons are not bright people. If you know any Mormons, you know that's true.

  • Who cares, you ignorant brute!

  • It's interesting to hear. People have such strong opinions about religion and politics and s** and beer

  • Fair point regarding your ex friend dumping your now girlfriend, because she wasn't a virgin. However, why did she tell him anyways? That's her personal business and no concern to anyone else. Plus, just because you don't agree with Mormonism, doesn't mean you should disrespect and s*** all over someone's religious mormon beliefs, it's extremely disrespectful and highlights what a prat you're. How would feel, if someone disrespected your religion and judged you as a duck because you're Christian?

    It's inappropriate child!

  • Good point.

  • I've already disrespected Mormonism for years, but I would sure like to s*** on it, too. I'm glad to know that's an option.

  • Who cares!

  • I want to s*** on it, too. Where do I sign up?

  • Does as you please, you're the op.

  • Could you be any stupider? Never mind: it's a rhetorical question.

  • At least you got the rhetorical question part right, so you must have some intellect :-)

  • Obviously you're the one who is stupid, to actually think "stupider" is a word!

  • We all bow to your amazing intellect and your incredible superiority.

  • Now now, you don't need to kiss their ass with compliments!

  • Mormonism is a bad joke . . . without a punch line.

  • Ignorant!

  • All religions are f****** ignorant

  • Combine an ignorant person with an ignorant religion, that makes a "super ignorant prat"

  • My point exactly!

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