Its complicated

About a month ago this guy spontainiosly came to talk to me. I talked to him back for the sole reason that he was best friends with the guy i like. He got attached to fast and we wound up dating even though i dont want that kind of attachment. The problem is that i still want his best friend and i now feel that i have no chance what so ever to end this"relationship" nor do i have the chance to end up with his best friend. What am i gonna do 😫?

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  • What makes you think the best friend will have anything to do with you. Furthermore, what makes you think the best friend would even turn out to be the right guy for you. You sound like you are blaming everything on this guy, but you are the one who agreed to go out with him and did not even give him a chance. I am not saying anyone should stay with someone they do not want to be with, but you are the one at fault here. You used this guy to get to his friend and now you want everyone to feel sorry for you. Time to grow up and realize that playing games with other people is wrong.

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  • Wow, yeh I wish hot guy would spontaneously come on to me. I have never had that ever.

  • Cry me a river , build me a bridge and get over it 😎

  • ....gotta drop the new guy......dump it't wait....

  • You are NOT obligated to continue the relationship with the new guy, and your assumption that you ARE obligated will keep you tied to him for far longer than you should be there. End it now, when the pain of doing so will be much less than if you wait a month or a year or more: the longer you wait to end it, the harder it will be to end, and the more painful it will be to end . . . for both of you.

  • I have tried but he keeps saying he loves me and that he wants kids right now. I tried to explain many times that we both want different things and that it should end right now. I blocked him from all my accounts and somehow he still managed to contact me. It went too fast too soon and its driving me crazy

  • Send him a note that clearly states you don't love him, you don't believe he really loves you (that should be obvious to you), you are terminating all communications with him, and you are asking him to respect your wishes and do likewise. Hopefully, that will make him understand that you are not in play. If he continues to contact you, ignore the contacts. My guess is you are already doing all of that, and it isn't working: he's still all over you. And to be honest, a man who falls "in love" so quickly, and is in a rush for you to have his children, is probably crazy enough to do what this one is doing, and then to ramp up his efforts beyond that. But you have to turn off your impulses to respond to him, as well as your impulses to believe him and his expressions of "love". What he feels for you IS NOT LOVE: it is insecurity, depression, desperation, loneliness and/or insanity, none of which are EVER going to make you happy and none of which are EVER going to lead to true love. I'm sorry to tell you, but it seems like this is not going to be easy: you're going to have to be incredibly strong in resisting the urge to feel sorry for him (if he's not used pity on you yet, don't doubt that it's coming), and you may have to threaten to call the police and then actually call and get a restraining order, keeping him away from you. Do not play around with this situation, or allow yourself to believe that half-measures will suffice: they won't. Unfortunately, you're going to have to stay away from the friend, too, at least until this situation eases. I'm hopeful that this guy who's pressuring you will be rational enough to take you at your word and leave you alone, thus simplifying your life immensely. That's the best-case scenario, and I hope that's the one you encounter. But you have to prepare yourself for the worst-case, too, just in case that's where this heads.

  • Thanks for all the great help and advice 😊 You have no idea how much i appreciate it 😊👌🏼

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