Lost my virginity to my step brother

My step brother never liked me until I grew into puberty he said it himself. He asked to if he could do oral and that would be it. In my dumb mind (I was only 13) I thought it would be okay. And yes it happened while I was laying I thought to myself this is not right. Then after he finished he wanted to have s** I didn't want too but ended up agreeing to it. I feel disgusted. Worst part was my husband found out and now he doesn't want to see my step brother which means me not being able to be around my family on important holidays. Which breaks my heart and I don't know what to do.

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  • Oh, STEP-brother... who cares move on with your life. Why you still attracted to your step brother? Why didn't you MARRY him then...

  • Who cares you werent blood related

  • Your husband is simply insecure. It's his problem he is making yours. You were a child for gawd sake.

  • Okay first, you don't have to hide it here. It's clear from the way in which you stated it that it was your biological brother that took your virginity. Everything is fine. You should never feel disgusted that he found a way to subdue you regarding that. You should know THAT is what men do regularly.
    How it was discovered is irrelevant. Clearly the problem here lies with your fool spouse. He obviously has issues with being cowardice. A mentally competent man knows how to effectively deal with progressive issues, regardless of family involvement.

    It appears that you are married to a stubborn man who is clearly in charge of you & the marriage, which is how it should be. True, you will be faced with adversity, not being with family at holidays, however you should be glad you are married to a man who is committed to his decisions. If he can't face the man who decided to have sexual relations before he did, he'll eventually get over it. Meanwhile, hang in there girl ; there are many worse adversities. You may have to face a worse issue the more you mature.

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