I attempted to sexually assault someone

I was young. 11-12 years old. I did something bad. I had a weird transition through childhood to hitting puberty and I believe i was straight into it when I hit it. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to sneak into someones room and attempt to assault them. This has always and WILL always be the biggest regret of my life. This is not me. Whatsoever. I've never done anything like this since and never will. Please be easy on me - i know i f***** up. i f***** up big time. I could confess, but it would ruin my relationship with my family for good. I could keep it bottled up, but then itll ruin my sanity and rot away my life. I dont know what to do.. this is with me day in and day out. ive thought about suicide regarding this and it scares me that this will be with me my whole life. I just wish i could say something. make things better. but it's not that easy, in the sense that everything will be different. please.. i need some guidance....

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  • S*** happens. you were young. we all make mistakes and you need to accept that it happened, i believe that after years of repression within your mind - this has become a daily regret and now is your minds way of accepting it. keep living on and itll be fine. x

  • Time heals all wounds. I did a similar thing when I was maybe 13. Not so much attempted sexual assault of my hot older sister, but, I'd say...Attempted, and a little success, molesting of her body as she slept at night. Good thing was, she kept it between us after finding out and waking up one night, forgave me, and didn't make it a huge deal. A few years later, she joked with me about it, calling it, as I tried to one time "sleepwalking".

    "Remember walking in your sleep and sometimes ending up in my bedroom?" she'd ask, referring to my activities with her and intoning such was forgiven. She never finished the rest of the sentence, which could have said "And grabbing and groping my naked body under the covers?". It's not even a topic of mention now, years later. Maybe every blue moon, but that's it.

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  • Learn to let it go,.. write it down somewhere go to a beach rip it in tiny pieces and let the waves wash it away. Seek a church pray. Attempted but didn't succeed that should leave you at calm we all make mistakes nobody is perfect!!!

  • Be sure to write in the sand with a stick rather than littering the bay with confession paper!

  • If you are still doing it or thinking about doing it then yes you need help. But if you have overcome what you've done and don't want to do something like that there is nothing to worry about. But if you want to do something like that "again" then you need serious help. Everyone makes mistakes.

    It is best to keep that to yourself, telling your family would only ruin your life then you wouldn't want to live because they would be disgusted with you. Trust me when s*** hits the fan people show their true feelings. I told my mom I was a lesbian and she disowned me so keep that s*** to yourself.

    As long as you feel truly sorry and ain't doing those things, there is nothing to worry about. Move on with your life. Do something with your spare time, get a hobby that doesn't involve raype.

  • Does the person you attempted to assault, aware of what you tried to do? Was that person awake or asleep? If that person was aware of your intentions and was old enough to know what you wanted to do, it could've caused them psychological damage. You haven't mentioned anything about that person.

    As for yourself, the past is the past. Learn from your past.

  • You were 11-12 yrs old. You were a child. You said attempted so you didn't go through with it. You know now how wrong it was and you would never do it again. Let go of the past. People do a lot worse things. You were a child. You didn't go through with it. Let it go and stay in the past where it belongs.

  • I think from the remorse you feel you can forgive yourself. You can't change what has happened, but you have the ability to offer light to the world now. That is more positive than continuing to punish and diminish yourself.

  • Confess to god and Jesus. I had a neighbor try to sexually assault me while I was unconscious after an attack by another person. I didn't remember it until he told me about it. He was stopped by EMTS. I managed to call 911 with a concussion before I collapsed. He said he was sorry and I forgave him. Please do not kill your self. People do bad things before their brains are developed. If you were to continue to get these impulses I would suggest seeking help counseling. Who knows what also might have been done to you as a child, and maybe you just don't remember. Pray to Jesus at home if you can't make it to confession

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