When I was 9 I was staying at my grandmas house while my parents went away on a 2 week cruise. Over the first couple days nothing really happened but on the third day I had just gotten out of the shower and I had forgotten my pyjamas so I walked out of the bathroom naked and I walked over and sat down on the couch and my grandma walked in and she sat behind me and she handed me a blanket and i put it around myself and i felt my grandmas hand moving up my leg and soon enough she was tugging on my c*** and she wouldnt look at me and a couple minutes later she got down on her knees and she started sucking on my c*** and after that she stood up and I watched her take off her leggings and her underwear then she sat down on my c*** and she pulled the blanket around us and she rode me for about 10 minutes and then she got off and walked away and she pretended nothing had happened until later that night i woke up to her standing naked in front of my bed so I pulled off my blankets and sat up and she got in bed with me and I spent the next hour ramming my c*** up her p**** and her ass. Over the next two weeks we f***** everyday. Im 15 now and everytime me and my grandma visit she always finds time to get my c*** rammed inside her like 4 days ago at a family gathering i f***** her ass in a porta potty for 10 minutes until I came in her ass.

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  • I've been ramming my gran since I was 14. She seduced me when I stayed with her for the summer holidays. I've had girls the same age as myself, but none have been as tight as gran.

  • People say the dumbest s*** when they are on drugs. You take the cake.

  • I don't think this is true but it's hot. Love this very much.

  • Yeah, and you were also f****** your mother when you were 2 years old. Get a f****** life.

  • I was 15 and babysitting for a friend of the family.
    He was 5 or 7 cant remember, but he would always try and touch my butt and breast.
    One day while i was babysitting the kid ran up to me and started to tickle me so i tickeld him back he was on me at the time and well he peed on me i was a little turnd on.
    So i h ad to clean up wash up and had to finger myself in the shower.

  • Whether this is true or not, it's kind of gross, it's kind of hot, but the story is sexy enough for me to get my c*** hard.

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