To Antifa and BLM

F*** every g****** one of you. Kiss my ass and go to H***. You reap what you sow and its going to come back to you scum a thousand times over.

Aug 22, 2017

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  • I'm feeling this way about SJWs and MAGAts equally. You roll up in my face and call me names for not "thinking" the way you do (not that thinking is really in your wheelhouse), we're gonna have a problem. This country is in the shape it's in exactly because of this mindset. So why don't you QAnon fuckwits square up with the BLM fuckwits and end each other, so sane people can have their g0ddamn country back!!

  • H*** YES! You get it. F*** all these mother f****** and f*** you and f*** me as well!! Can't wait till we're all dead.

  • Whatever, sparky. While I'm not on their team either, I do know that teatards like you can't differentiate. It's that simple but sad "if you're not with us, you're against us" thing you've got going on. Just remember, you don't need to be a teatard to know how to pull a trigger! ;)

  • Y'all just mad cuz the left is fighting back.

  • Not just the left, because f*** those extremists too. But anybody as willfully stupid as the OP needs a beatdown and then a bullet to the empty brain pan.

  • They should all be beaten.

  • Yes.

  • ^Agreed.^

  • Beaten, and then f***** in the ass, repeatedly.

  • What are you talking about stumpy you cant f*** anything

  • Dass not what yamama say.....

  • Ghetto b**** go eat some more fast food for breakfast

  • English

  • B******

  • Like you hey haha

  • Does life suck looking after a kid you dont want with someone you dont like? does it p*** you off that government doesnt make policy based on your real news? do you sometimes wish abortion was illegal and you could just shoot your gun anywhere? think that human created climate change is something liberals made up to fool you and tax you more?

  • ........huh?......................

  • If you believe in religion you are dirt stupid..

  • If you don't, you are dirt.

  • Cause there is just soo much morality in that right.......

  • Bombs. Bombs are the answer. Bomb them all. Bombs. Start today.

  • Exterminate all nazis.

  • I agree completely. Selfish, thoughtless, gutless, egotistical, snide, superior b******, every last one of those m************. They are ALL major pieces of s***.

  • What would you say you are then?

  • I would say I f***** you momma last night. B**** took all 10 inches of my c*** up her ass.

  • Then you woke up and realised you haven't been laid for months and your c*** is only two inches.

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