Step daughter drama queen

It doesn't get any better but worse. Only fathers are the one to defend you, if they don't move on and get out! I truly feel is time to swatch the turns and they couldn't should not control your home or your life. You shouldn't tolerate nothing, I mean nothing, is not your baggage after ball. If they can't play your ball game then they should not come over any more is that simple. By the way, don't accept I'm sorry they are liers and will continue to be and the fathers have some kind of guilt for nothing because they get too blind to see they hate their own fathers that's why they do this kind of toxic behavior in the first place. I don't believe in trauma or mental problems or poor little thing is the divorce made them like that. Nope they are toxic and born that way. Most of the time they got toxic because of their mother. Well let the mom eat that shiiiiiiii not you period nope not me

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  • Leave it at that stop bugging others with this topic, GET LOST GET HELP.

  • Well she must get it from you.

  • .ol dsi9u ;i makes more sense than that post

  • Huh?

  • You clearly have ZERO education in psychological health, shame on you

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