So hard.......

I have a 2yr old and a 5month old and my husband's name is on both their birth certificates as their father. But......he's not their father. Actually they have two different fathers. I never told my husband he was the father: he just assumed it. But I never told him the truth. I swore to myself after the first baby that I wouldn't let this happen again but then I did. Now I can't tell him about either one because then he will doubt the other one too. It's hard to not say nothing but I couldn't stand to lose him because I love him and I love our family.

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  • Maybe look after ur own baggage lol women wonder why there's so much sexism

  • Wow !!!you are simply rocking man!! Hats off what a performance!!!

  • Thanks, that's very sweet. Especially considering how many have the opposing view here.

  • You were right to f*** bareback dont worry about husband let him rear your brats do you plan getting f***** by stranger again

  • I love cheating. I always have. I can't help it.

  • This is unforgivable - you are exactly what is wrong with this world, but I bet your Facebook page tells a different fakeass story

  • My Facebook doesn't say anything about all my cheating. It's playful and flirty but not sexy or nasty.

  • What they're saying, you idiot sow, is that your Fakebook page is probably curated so that you appear to be this delightful loving wholesome person and not the sk@nk you really are. Of COURSE you're not going to brag about your cheating on a page with your face and info on it! That would just be giving ammo to the bible group ladies or anyone else you would dismiss as "jealous"

  • He'll find out and it will p*** him off that you didn't confess to him it might end up the worst grow some and tell him talk it out y'all are grown right?

  • Yeah, you're a dirty. Think of what a rotten parent you are. Those kids truly only know half their medical history and the other half is a lie. Wonder what surprises their future holds for them. They grow up calling a man their father, when he's not. You're forcing your kids to live a lie even if they don't know it. You know. And you know you're a disgusting whoore. On top of that two men have fathered children they will never know. F'ck off.

  • Dont tell him but next time mak lovr pull out

  • I have to confess that I love the feel of fresh j*** in me, swishing around inside. I want the cream so bad and will do anything to get it in me. I love it.

  • It takes more than a sperm donor to be a father. So in some respects it's good that your husband loves these children and provides for them. But it robs your children and the men of knowing one another because you were irresponsible, h****, bored, lonely or whatever f****** reason you want to justify the fact that you cheated. But it's the kids get to pay the ultimate price. He assumed it? He assumed you were faithful? He assumed that when you told him he was the father..he was the father..but wasn't..because you're too chicken s*** to own your part? Do these kids even look like your husband? How are you going to explain that away? You don't love anything, because you don't love yourself.

  • You are a b****

  • Interesting way to you love him.

  • One day hubbys going to find out. If some sort of medical procedure is ever done and a DNA test is made your secret is going to be found out.

  • U didn't use a rubber while f****** around that sucks u could've gave him herpes

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