I cannot stand my adult step daughter,she has been spoilt since birth by my husband and his family, her parents divorced when she was 4 and she is now 25 and still rules the roost with her partner and child, she is THE BOSS, never does a stroke of work in the house but goes out in her car and frequents any place to eat,and thats EVERYTIME she goes out in the car when everyone is at work, she always has to eat no matter what!but she will only "cook" ready made meals or fast things like hotdogs or sloppy joes,, one, because she wont be shown HOW to cook (she knows it all) and 2, because she has a meal before a meal, she is fat and rude and very very controlling, I feel so sorry for the baby, she never has a smile on her face when she is with her, and I am not surprised! she is a loud obnoxious slob, she has no true friends because she is so demanding and disrespectful to everyone, but still she can do no wrong in her fathers side of the family's eyes or her fathers eyes, I just dont understand why it irritates me so much, because after the intial 12 months of meeting her, I have distanced myself from her, I hate her visiting, and I hate going to her "home" (for home read hovel) she is never off her cell phone, and she used to call my house up to 7 times a day! until I made it clear I was sick of it, "daddy get me this, daddy go here for me" and on and on, so now she calls him daily AT WORK because she is either bored or just wants his attention! and he sees nothing wrong with it! he sees no wrong in her, and I cant even hint that she isnt what he thinks she is, or he gets very defensive and the atmosphere is terrible, so I say nothing, I dont know how much longer I can stand her being in my life, no matter how little I see her, ok vent over, and I am so glad I found this place...deep breath. Is anyone else in my position out there??? I neeed some support.


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  • N**** WHAT!

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