Found some suspect pictures

The other day I used my fathers computer, and found a folder just laying on the desktop. My heart started beating hard even before I realized what it was. Inside there were some pictures of the exchange student in the bathroom. She's sitting on the toilet seat and smiling insecurely at the camera, wearing just a blouse and nothing underneath it. You could almost smell the s** from the whole setting. She's from a scandinavian country and blindingly beautiful. I've more or less been in love with her since I first met her, as almost any other guy at school. She's even told me she's a virgin a couple of months back. I didn't even think it could happen, but is it possible he slept with her when they were alone in the house? I'm pretty sure my mother knows nothing about it, and I don't want to cause a divorce. But it's going to be hard to pretend as nothing, knowing something has transpired. How should I look at this?

Oct 17, 2014

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  • Don't listen to the other idiot. If she is that hot, be proud of him. If you tell someone it will ruin your life, his life and your mother's life. She probably just likes some grown man c***. Maybe talk to him and see if you can join in ducking her but don't tell anyone man.

  • Well here's the thing Alestar....when you create an account to leave comments and posts a trail is created. We can see where you've answered yourself in previous postings regarding the same exchange student. So really, you've already looked at this. You already know the answer as you've spoken to her. So, yea..sadly your dad is a creepy predator; the exchange student is not as innocent as she lets on and should be transferred out of your house ASAP; your parents marriage will most likely dissolve - your dad has probably cheated with other women. Your dad isn't the smartest tool in the shed. Why would he have that photo on his desktop? It's a creepy photo. And if he knows that you use it, he must know that someone may find it. Maybe he wants to be found out. You mention consent - unless you are legally of age you cannot give consent. In all honesty, if this is didn't do anything wrong. Your dad is hugely at fault and your mom deserves to know the truth..even it means the family that you know will most likely change. Truth already has.

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