Caught wife

My wife has been more and more bitchy lately. It seems the nicer I am the worse she acts
Friday we went to the bar and after a few drinks she struck a conversation with the guys next to us. She is 50 and hot, these guys looked early forties. One x football jock actually brought her two shots in front of me
After about an hour of this I said let's go. In front of everyone she said you go. I'll call you to pick me up. I said I would wait and she said just go the f*** home. I stormed out but stayed in the car. A while later she came out and started kissing him as he grouped her. They went to his car. I could see her head going down on him and I could tell he came

They got out and went back in. And 1/2 hour later I got a call to pick her up. I waited 20 minutes then texted her I was outside. She came out and gave me a deep kiss then said hi
Nothing else. I never said I saw her. I have kept this to myself, not telling anyone. Now she tells me she has a girls night out but I checked my account and saw a new number a few times on her phone. Called and it went to voice mail but it was a guys voice. I don't know if I should throw her out or just st cheat. I had many chances but never did. Btw for the past year she has been more and more bitchy and leaves me doing all the housework and chores.
I feel totally used

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  • I finally confronted my wife. Said I caught her and saw her. At first she denied it but then became very arrogant and said she was enjoying her fling and loved the s** and was not going to stop
    I told her I went on two dates with a beautiful woman and was through with her the last thing she said to me was go ahead I don't care
    Seeing him tonight and going to suck fis big c so go fd yourself

  • Between my codes for her voicemail and access to her email I knew her exact plans for the weekend. I went to the resort hotel she was staying out and stayed in the shadows of the lobby for hours. She finally came down with that guy and went to the restaurant. They sat for hours. After they went to the bar and proceeded to get smashed. Later they went to the elevator and started kissing while waiting. They got on and I watched the floor numbers
    I saw where it stopped and got on the next one and got off
    I saw them in front of the door he had her pinned against it. I stayed on the corner and called. Her phone was ringing and of course she ignored it
    I just left and said nothing. Sunday when she got home I just said hi and left to go ""meet my friend""". I did love be a bad nah of bar napkins from the hotel on her vanity. 20 minutes later she called 4 times in a row.
    I have been acting exactly the same and saying nothing about anything. I know she is dying

    Btw. I have a date Saturday. I will leave enough hints to point to it and let her confront me

  • Have a bit of fight brother. Start treating her with less respect, as she deserves f*** her hard and tell her she's filthy. Then when she leaves to meet him tell her to have a good time f******. Act like you don't care and she will want you more. Women want what they can't have you will appear the stronger because you know all about her little secret

  • I think you should cheat on her to see how she likes it and then just leave her.

  • Does her behavior in any way turn you on???? If the answer is "yes" or "maybe a little" then you could turn this to your advantage if you wanted? You could threaten her security at home unless you get her to give you the s** you need, and be a better domestic partner in exchange for her having the sexual freedom she obviously desires. You might even find you can join her in her sexual escapades?!?!?!

  • I have so many mixed emotions not sure how to handle it. She told me she has a nurse convention this weekend at a resort. She always tells me months in advance but this time she said she decided to go last minute. I know she has plans to hook up with him. Don't know if I should catch them in the act and make a scene or confront her when she gets home.
    She has been on her best behavior though. Doing things around the house she never did and being so nice. We are having s** more also but even that has changed. She wants me to touch her in ways that we never have and talk dirty to her. Something she was never into. It makes me imagine when she is with me she is thinking of him. This weekend is something I dread

  • Start planning your new life. Explore the divorce laws in your country, and work out what you will get. Secure accommodation, ensure your employment, separate bank account, etc and just leave without warning. In the meantime, start living your own life, cook just for yourself, wash your own dishes and clothes, leave the vacuuming, bath cleaning, and other chores and let the place decay around her. One night, when she's sleeping, urinate on her (then leave to go to your new life).

  • Sounds like it's time for a divorce! That was damn rude of her to do that to you; in front of your face, no less! She has no respect for you, and I think things will only get worse in your relationship.

  • I had the code to her voice mail and checked. She had plans last night to meet him at a club.
    I went and sat outside. After two hours they came out. He pushed her against the car and they started going at it. He had his hands up her shirt and she was rubbing against him so hard. After 10 minutes they left. They pulled into a hotel. I just left and went home. She got home at 230 and went right to sleep. The next morning she woke up and acted like nothing happened I saw two large hiki marks on the back of her neck and asked her what they were. She said it must be a rash. She has been so nice today.

  • Let her f*** and start a new life ... leave her dnt be sad... she is living her life and f****** with any one she want and u moron using her old c*** ... kick her ass

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