May as well post.

I read a post I was going to comment on but decided to make my own post.
Back in college I was straight as a lazer, Never even kissed a girl, I went to college late, I was 23 so most of my room mates were younger than me at 19, 20, 21. I had 3 room mates and 2 of them had come there together as best friends and the third was a stranger to all of us, I met the first two the first night and then the third the next day, First night me and my two new roomies got trashed and I woke up on the couch with my shirt half off, My bra on the coffee table and no idea where anyone was.
That day our final room mate showed up so here we were:
Me: 5'8", Thick legs and butt, Very big chested brunette.
J: like...5'3", Average build, Smallish chest and a perfect booty dyed blonde.
D: 5'8" tall, slim and larger chested brunette.
C: 5' ish, Skinny, Flat chested, Small butt and natural bleach blonde.
Our residence quickly became the party hotspot along with the one next door and that led to a lot of...Hookups, so here are the D numbers as I remember them, I spent two years there and had 18 guys, C had a list you could roll up like santas naughty list and she didn't even know the real number but MANY were multiples, She kind of got known for that, D I believe was around same as me and J went a bit wild first year with 21 and calmed down slightly in second year with 14.
In all of this apparently not one of us had hooked up with a girl, I was in my last 3 months and had always kind of thought if I was going to try it college was the time but it had just never happened until one night me and D were in my room, Everyone else was out where ever and she brought it up, She asked if I ever thought about it and I told her I had and she kind of shy'd away so I asked if she wanted to try it. Her breathing quickly changed and soon we were kissing, Groping, Naked, and then got each other off. I was quite surprised at how good it was, She said the same so we decided to do it again to weeks later after the bar.
It was just a sneaky hookup, We all went to our rooms when we got home and soon there was a quiet knock on my door, I answered and we went straight to kissing, I remember reaching for the doorlock after closing my door but it didn't happen and I never thought about it a second time, We were way into it and didn't hear my door open but I was on my stomach, D o her back, Me licking her and I just got that feeling, The feeling someone else was in the room, I looked back and J was behind me already undressing so I didn't even stop....I forgot to mention that D & J were the best friends.
J jumped right in and joined us, We all were all over each other and afterward we were laying with J between us, She was visibly a bit...Off and eventually said she needed to go back to her room, The next day C was bitchy and didn't admit it till that night that she heard us and as mad we didn't invite her, We all wet to the bar and C stayed in my room that night and D & J stayed in J's room. We carried on for 3 months back and forth and a few times with all of us, I left after that year and got back with my ex boyfriend, Married, had 2 kids, Divorced and had a slough of guys since but no girls, D went on to get married and have kids, J did also and C got married, Divorced, Spent 2 years as a lesbian like full on relationship and then back to guys and as far as I know is now a full on swinger with her husband.
So that in a nutshell as our crazy college days.

Jun 10

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