I confess i am a closet crossdresser and prefer to wear women's clothing and lingerie around the house. I love using meth and my sister also users it.late at night we get on the meth and it puts us both in a h**** kinky mood. I dress up in lingerie and a dress and we take a late night drive in the country. Our car has tinted windows so its hard to see in so when I get game i drive through town wearing women's clothing it is a real turn on. We go to a deserted river and we enjoy incest s**

Feb 19, 2021

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  • I am 57 and just in the process of slowly coming out of the closet as a crossdresser and maybe about to enter into my first sexual relationship with another man. I also love smoking menthol cigarettes, particularly while I am dressed. I have been experimenting with crossdressing since I was a teen and it was when I started doing harder drugs than just alcohol and cigarettes. I don't believe the drugs were the cause of my smoking or crossdressing fetish but gave me some dutch courage and put me in a different frame of mind. That I was able to experiment with some of my, some would say a little kinky, sexual identity and desires. Now at 57, I care less about what others think of me and more about self-love. If I have no love, compassion, or understanding for myself, warts and all, then how shall I show it to others. My cross-dressing and love of a potentially harmful and highly addictive drug are also expressions of love one that may be quite harmful, my smoking cigarettes, but the cross-dressing? Who cares if I dress like the queen of Sheeba. My dressing, I believe is an expression of my femininity that exists in all humans to a lesser or greater extent. I still do a little meth from time to time and love to dress and smoke myself silly when I am high. Am looking forward to experimenting with having s** with another man as I have been flying solo for around 20 years and my last physical relationship with a woman was a disaster, partly because of alcohol abuse on both parts. Still, I remain fairly happy and content with the way things are turning out and every day I am spending a little more time dressed as a woman. I am even wearing girlish earrings and nail polish on a day-to-day basis, even when I am not dressed. Girls' clothes are much more imaginative and colorful than most men's clothes, and most of the time nature gives the male the most colorful coat or plumage. So why not dress how you want to dress and not what society thinks or expects.

  • The more meth and coke I do the more my urge to become a fetish tranny s******. Now ive taken the leap and cant wait to be a p*** s****** w****

  • Ssme here. Now i want to be a tranny w**** full time

  • Love it but i cant do it, what if happenys going to jail?

  • I’m wearing pantyhose now .I love them

  • That's what I think about all the time on meth is f****** my niece when she was barley a teenager but I never did

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