Surprised daughter

I confess my wife has gone of s** and always being h**** i desided to get a h*****,i got a motel went through the ads and found one,i rang her and said i wanted a girl for 2 hrs and i wanted to dress up in women's clothing and lingerie and to let her self in as i would be in shower and for her to get naked and come into bathroom,i was out of shower and had on blue silky lace panties and bra with suspenders and black stockings when the door opened and in walked my 18 year old daughter naked she said dad i said bec,we both got a surprise,she said why are you wearing women's clothing does mum know,i replied what are you doing naked in my motel room does your mother know that you are a h*****,we spoke awhile and agreed that we keep it to our selves,i was hard for her so now when her mother goes to visit her elderly parents for weekend i dress up and we have s**

Jun 25, 2018

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  • B_llshit

  • Waiting to hear more please

  • You idiots seriously believe this crap!?

  • Can you describe what your daughter looks like? Does she go wild during s**?

  • Does your daughter enjoy being f*coed by you? Please give details

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