My mom found out

I am 26 years old. Female. My mom found an OLD pregnancy test from 3 months ago in my purse while she was looking for spare change. She called me. She said she was soooo disappointment in me and that she had trust me. I felt soooo awkward so I lied...i doubt she believed me. But when I thinking about it, i shouldn't have to lie! I am 26 years But anyways now i feel guilty.. And i know it'll be awkward.. Like there is nothing wrong with this...i am OLD. Any thoughts? I needed to vent.

Sep 6, 2017

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  • Put lots of stuff in there to prank her, then you can have anything in there. Or something frightful and she won't look again. Steal her vi-brator? Get the exact brand of dil-do or vib-rator she has and keep it in the purse. Oh man. You will have to pick your Mom up off the floor.

  • Call her back immediately and tell her you're a grown a** woman and she should stay out of your personal belongings and your business. The day my mom or dad call me after doing something as intrusive as that and say some s*** to me is the last day we'll have a civil conversation. I think as her daughter she gets ONE "I'm concerned" conversation, this is where you listen, and explain and she listens as well, then you agree to disagree, anything after that, and it's no more thanksgivings, Xmas or Facebook, but then again I'm a man and the youngest, and my family always sort of expected me to f*** around with women so no one really gave me crap about it other than the "be safe" convo.

  • Your mom is just worried that you are in your prime. She might even be jealous.

  • Your mother is a b****. Sorry, but it's true.

  • You are an adult. You have every right to live your life any way you see fit. And you can also keep anything in your purse. If your mom is going to snoop, she may find things that may surprise her. You can always have a conversation about it, or not. You may just have to agree to disagree on things. Regardless of how old we are, we always want our parents approval. You can have a close relationship with your mom and not tell her every detail about your life too. She just wants to know you are safe. But you shouldn't feel bad at all or that you have to lie.

  • ^total agreement^

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