The shoe dangle

I was sitting in the library across from a bussines women dressed in a pant suit with nylons and heels. As she was sitting there she would let her shoe dangle from her foot. Having a ** I couldn't take my eyes off her feet. She caught me staring at her feet and continued to let it dangle and fall from her foot. She took her other shoe off and rubbed her feet together, driving me crazy. Do women know how ** their feet are?

Jan 6

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  • I do that to my boss and it's funny how it drives him insane.
    I'm an administrative assistant, married, soccer mom of 3. I'm still fit from practicing with my kids. I'm 5ft and wear size 5 shoe.
    When I'm alone with my boss, he comes to my desk to chat. I dangle my shoes and sometimes drop it so he will put it back on for me. He will rub my toes and my sole before sliding it back on. He's been divorced for a few years so I enjoy giving him the thrill. I'll also make a nice moan when he's putting my shoe back on and tell him how good that felt. LOL poor guy. He's tried to get a girlfriend but he's told me stories. lol

  • I love to watch ladies dangle either a flat or moccasin off their bare feet with one leg crossed over the other. I love it also if they are wearing shorts and have nice smooth tan legs! I get a ** seeing a smooth rounded heel pop out of their shoe over and over again. There has been a time or two when a lady looked over her shoulder back at me and grinned or smiled. My ** got rock hard when that happened! Love it when they dangle a shoe off the tip of their toes!!!Shoe dangling turns me on!!!!

  • I've found that I really love watching that too! What are some of your favorites? Some of mine to watch are black pumps or when they slide their heel out of slip on shoes like Tom's, **!

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