Teenage Exhibitionist

I am a 17 year old girl. I am curvy, and have large b****. Normally, I wear loose fitting clothing, my parents say that when I wear tight stuff I look like a s***.

I am really into showing off though. I got into it last year on spring break, while I was at the beech with a friend. She had gotten me a bikini and we were going to have some fun, as her parents are much more lenient than mine. While at the beech, the bikini top came off, and a few guys started to wolf whistle. I really liked it, so I didn’t scramble to put the top back on.

Ever since then, I have been having fantasies of being out in tight clothing, no bra, and just letting men stare and touch me. My favorite is when I am in a tight crop top and on the subway, my t*** are just bouncing and jiggleing as the train moves. A man comes up after staring for a while and pinches my nipples through the shirt.

I also have this fantasy for participating in a wet tee shirt competition.

Sep 30, 2017

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  • Go easy on this until you turn 18! Legal issues here. Prison time.

  • Girl i think that ok but i don't want anything bad happenning to like getting raped but i do think your too young like god bless you with a beautiful body you should be showing it off but in a way that can get you hurt

  • Great story keep up the good work xx

  • Where you from?

  • I’m from Maryland.

  • Me too

  • Why don't you go on out and see him, I mean her. Lol people believe anything.

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