I flashed his friend and boyfriend dosent know

Hanging out at the pool late drinking beers with my boyfriend and his 2 buddies turned after boyfriend went in and went to bed after getting too drunk.
We were all tipsy at the time and they started with , thats a nice bikini , and that top looks tight and so on . we all laughed , mindless humor . As time progressed one of the guys said you know Tammy its not fair we are topless and your not . I said yeah right , you wish . To my surprise , I pulled down my top and exposed my little b**** . They couldnt take their eyes off them . One asked if he could touch, i said no f****** way ,just look or ill put them away .
I needed a cigarette so i walked over to the table to get one ,on the way i just took off my top . Standing there topless having a smoke with his friends watching me got me excited , and i built up the nerve before the moment passed and took off the bottoms too. Their eyes were wide open i can tell you and i spun around to show my butt and turned back to them while finishing my cig and let them look at me naked . I finished my cig picked up my bikini , and said goodnight fellas , and led them to the door naked . I never said anything and neither did they about that night . Fun night

Jun 7, 2020

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